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If you are searching for a cheap drill press around $150, you’ve come to the right place. A drill press which is also referred to as a drilling machine is a device which is used for making holes in various hard substances. The drill is usually held in a spindle that rotates and is put gradually into your work item which is then clamped with a vise that is resting on your table. This drill can be held in a chuck that has three jaws which move in unison radially or it can possess a tapered shank which fits right into the tapered hole found in its spindle. Methods are usually made available for changing the spindle speed. A cheap drill press around $150 possesses features that let you automatically feed your drill into your work item.

The drill presses which are made for occasional use, especially in general purpose workshops have just one spindle. If you want to drill different holes simultaneously or successively in your work item, drills that have multiple spindles can be gotten. When big quantities of similar mechanical pieces are needed, there are special purpose drills that have spindles which are arranged in different positions which are relative to your work item.

Although drill presses are usually used to drill holes, they can actually be used for increasing the size of holes by attaching a boring tool. They can also be used to finish holes with the use of a reamer. With the use of a unique tapping attachment as well as a tap, they can actually make threads in a hole.

This is actually the most popular and prominent use of a drill. A drill press can be used to bore holes in any hard surface or item like metal. Woodworkers make use of this unit if they want to make precise cuts in wood. Metal drilling is usually done using a good drill press which give you extra consistency and accuracy in your entire job.

Holes are usually deburred right after your drilling process is finished. The base of the hole is not as clear as it can consist of burrs. Deburring has now become very easy with drill presses because it requires little effort to carry out. You simply need to attach a deburring tool to finish your job.

Threads right in the interior of the hole may need to be removed at times and this can be done using a cheap drill press around $150. This application needs to be precise because taps are usually brittle as well as hard in nature. Drills are perfect in completing this task as well as others which you can carry out with more innovations and creativity. Industries and companies have been making use of this tool for so many years and they will continue to use it.

Woodworking is one of the most common industrial applications when you are using any of the cheap drill press and it just cannot be done easily without the use of a drill press. Carpenters as well as woodworkers require this tool to tap and bore holes in their woodworks. Given the number of items carpenters need to drill, drill presses can get more done faster, carve out detailed shapes and even carry out modern projects. Let’s check out the cheap drill press around $150 below.

Best cheap drill press around $150

SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press

This is a ten inch drill benchtop drill with an efficient 3.2 amp motor. I took notice of the laserX2 dual beam laser feature with depth adjustment feature. It has a variable speed of 570-3,050 RPM which gives you the liberty to choose any one that is right for your job and get it done quickly and easily without any delay.

The worktable moves zero to forty-five degrees both left & right and can also tilt. It has a base plus work table both made of cast iron which makes it strong enough to take the pieces you place on it without wobbling or shaking during operation, which can cause mistakes. This cheap drill press around $150 has two AA batteries as well as a chuck key.


  • It has a half inch keyed chuck and the bump off switch is included for increased safety.
  • It has five speeds which go from 570 – 3,050 RPM that allow you the freedom to choose whichever one is suitable to the material you are drilling for a particular project.
  • It has a depth stop which can be used for accurate measurements as well as repetitive drilling.
  • The table of this drill can move both zero to forty-five degrees both left and right and is tiltable.
  • This cheap drill press around $150 has a Laser X2 dual beam laser which helps with precise hole alignment.


  • There is no feature like a lever that you can use to apply some tension to its drive belt. To solve this issue, all you have to do is simply loosen the dual wing nuts then turn on the motor which will then tension and tighten its wing nuts.


ShopSeries RK7033 Drill Press

This ten inch drill press has a 6.2-amp motor that makes it great for repetitive accurate drilling in items like metal, wood and plastic. This cheap drill press around $150 has five effective speeds that range from 620-3100 rpm.

I observed that the durable work table is made from cast iron and can bevel up to about forty-five degrees both left & right just to improve your flexibility as well as accuracy. It has a half inch drill chuck that lets you use it for drilling metal bits and for woodworking too. You can also use sanding drums that have a half inch shank.


  • It has a keyed safety switch that stops any accidental starting then gives you enhanced security.
  • This is a ten inch drill that comes with a two year limited warranty which protects against any defects that may occur in materials or workmanship.
  • It was made for superior performance and brings valuable engineering plus a superb design made to last which guarantees you years of good operations.
  • This drill is reliable, easy to use, innovative and precise. The features assist you in finishing your projects with not just speed but quality.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a DIY-er or homeowner, this cheap drill press around $150 will get your job done well.


  • The adjustment as well as the top assembly are different and it comes along with allen wrenches, the thing is that you still need another wrench or socket to fix the 3 bolts at its base.


Genesis GDP1005A Drill Press

This drill has a really reliable and long lasting 4.1 amp motor. I found that it has an included work light for better convenience as well as visibility. It has a ⅝ inch chuck for bigger bits, five speeds to drill various materials plus a pulley housing which is easy to access to change your speeds as frequently as you like.

This cheap drill press around $150 has a tiny footprint for a floor model, which provides extra room in your garage. Its table is able to tilt forty-five degrees and can rotate 360 degrees for your difficult jobs.


  • It has a 4.1 amp efficient motor that grants you a smooth performance as well as accuracy in any job you are carrying out for as long as you need it.
  • It has a five speed gearbox plus a ⅝ inch chuck that can handle larger bits.
  • The table can rotate 360 degrees and can tilt zero to forty-five degrees. It has a two year warranty that gives you peace of mind.
  • It has a rack-&-pinion table with height adjustment that is easy to use.
  • This cheap drill press around $150 has an included work light that can illuminate your drill press table and reduce shadows on your work item to avoid mistakes when you are working.


  • The light can use a bit of adjusting but it still serves you well when you are done.
  • You may need to take some time to set the laser which is not accurate out of the box.


Genesis GDP805P Drill Press

This drill has a 2.6 amp motor that is able to give you the power and efficient performance with its five-speed gearbox. I observed that the half inch chuck takes bigger bits and its table can tilt forty-five degrees for your project needs. The power switch has a lockout feature that is easy to access.

The easy to reach pulleys help you to change the speed range with five speeds and it is small enough to remain some space you can use to work on your workbench. This cheap drill press around $150 is eight inches and has a two-year warranty.


  • It has a 2.6 amp motor for near silent and smooth performance. It is convenient for long-lasting usage and precise results.
  • It has five speeds for versatility plus an easily accessible pulley housing that assists you in adjusting speed ranges.
  • It can drill right to the middle of an eight-inch material. The half inch chuck can handle big bits. It is great for jobs that need a bigger bit but not a bigger drill press.
  • The table can tilt zero to forty-five-degrees. It is versatile and has a small footprint that makes it great for your garage and workshop.


  • The drill may bind up when you apply great pressure after some years of usage.
  • The rack & pinion table can be quite clunky and when you rotate its handle, the table will then sway side to side by one or two inches even though it is easy to use and move up and down. It just needs to be smoother.


WEN 4210T Drill Press

This 10-inch drill press has a laser centering feature and is an incredible addition to your shop. I noticed that it has different features which you will be able to get in bigger and more industrial presses. With this drill, you can make holes through wood, metal as well as many other materials easily.

You can change from 5 speeds to pick the actual RPM that you require for your job as it allows you to slow down for delicate items and speed up when drilling items that require more speed. The strong frame cast iron construction provides sturdiness as well as reliability. The effective induction motor has ball bearings which give it extended life and they come together to give you smooth performance at all speeds.


  • This cheap drill press around $150 and it has a ½ inch chuck plus a JT33 spindle taper which gives you versatility even with different bits.
  • The worktable can bevel forty-five degrees left & right especially for difficult operations to give you right angles consistently.
  • The base of the drill actually has pre drilled holes which can be used for mounting it onto your bench or your work stand.
  • It has an X-pattern & Class II with 1mW laser that can lock on the drill points which prevents guess work and spares you expensive materials.
  • This is a really versatile tool, ideal for different workshops. You expand the already wide range of this drill by adding accessories like the circle cutters, mortising attachment and drum sanders.


  • The chuck key is actually one of the kinds that have a spring tip to ensure you do not keep it behind in the chuck. If the feature annoys you, you can replace it.

If you need to carry out plumbing operations then you need a drill press. Majority of plumbers cannot work without drill presses. They rely a lot on this unit to carry out different technical works and since they are professionals, you really could take a leaf from their notebook and get one of the above cheap drill press around $150.

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