Top 6 Drill Press Tables -best milling tables for drill press

A drilling machine can do your drilling projects quickly and safely but if you need accuracy and stability when carrying out your tasks, you just have to set your drill up with a drill press table. A milling table for drill press is usually made with resilient materials and is thick enough to secure your items. It is able to deliver total support around your overall drilling sessions.

With this kind of table, you can definitely press down hard when working and this will hold tough. Another added advantage is the smoothness it gives your work. In terms of functionality, these tables can work with almost any drilling machine. The parallel slots on the middle bolts let your table to be perfectly compatible with your pressers. In many cases, the tables actually function really well in the default measurement, and it is only in some special cases that it needs small modifications.

Apart from the parallel slots, the tables usually have T-Tracks as well as a measurement scale. The T-tracks possessed by the tables are used to hold down the item being worked on along with the fence. As a result, this bonding allows you to be able to drill objects that are heavy with focus and firmness. You can even position the rails right on the table depending on the substance, wherever you want.

Just make sure that you tighten the tracks well before you switch on the drill. Still, all the drill press tables listed below will work differently for everyone. You simply have to choose the best milling table for drill press for your grinding and drilling after assessing your need and the level of tasks you have to carry out. To help you select the right table for your projects, I have researched extensively and laid out some of the best press tables on the market below.

Top 6 Drill Press Tables -best milling tables for drill press


Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 Drill Table

This generously spaced sixteen inch by twenty three inch by one inch surface is made of a MDF core which is covered completely with formica micro dotted laminate  and is a unique texture that is a collection of small dimples that I observed collects the sawdust, therefore allowing the surface to grip the work item better. This milling table for drill press reduces tear out when you are drilling through the material without using any backer board. Its insert can be replaced easily with any half inch thick material. Two dual wide T-tracks are bolted and embedded underneath to remove any possibility of taking out the track when making use of optional clamps.


  • This drill press table has a microdot laminate which grips the work item better under pressure.
  • Two dual wide T-Tracks are usually embedded then bolted right in place from under it.
  • It is made for 12 inch and bigger drill presses. It has two flip stops, two hold down clamps as well as one filler.
  • Each of the T tracks is laser engraved permanently and has a high contrast scale which is easy to read and clearly indicates the position.
  • Once it is added to your press, you do not need any other adjustment. The package contains the drill table and a standard thirty six inch fence.


  • The table may interfere with your height adjustment handle so you may have to offset your table to make adjustments to your drill press.
  • The guide of this drill press table may stick out too far and while you are running into it, you can get caught up on its adjacent tool but it can be fixed when you cut it right to the same length as your table.


WEN DPA2412T Table

If you miss the days when you were able to support your large workpieces then take your drilling to another level with this table. The table which has a lot of space for your jobs and projects creates an extra 275 square inches of space for whatever job you need to get done. I noticed that the onboard rulers can increase accuracy for your precisely even cuts. The adjustable fence is able to slide back and forth for whatever requirements of the project. The strong one inch MDF body is thick enough to avoid any warping or wobbling during usage while its fence’s stop block can adjust along its fence to assist in centering your work item. The removable insert can let you drill through your work item without destroying the table.


  • With this table, you can now expand the space for your work by 275 square inches.
  • It has a large table that measures in at 23-7/8 x 11-7/8 x 1” and can fit many drill tables with the maximum width being sixteen.
  • This was made to fit in with all the WEN drill series so it is compatible with the complete line drill presses from this producer, including the WEN eight drill press.
  • Even if this drill press was made with WEN in mind, it has a universal fit which allows you to install the majority of the drill presses out there. Just tighten its mounting clamps right onto the tables anywhere from five to sixteen inches wide.


  • After some years of usage, you may hear some rattling from the motor and drive but it does not affect the performance.


MLCS 9765 Drill Table

This table can be mounted to all drill presses and usually without any modifications. The table can adapt to any drill press that has parallel slots of 9-⅝ inches on the center bolts or it can even clamp down from the outside on any benches or tables that are smaller than 9-⅜ inches. I observed that if your table does not meet the above criteria, then you can simply redrill a 1-⅜ inch hole and then reposition the rods or clamps wherever you need them. It has an adjustable fence which guarantees you strong holding power as well as a removable insert. There is no drill included.


  • This 12 inch x 24 inch drill table is produced from ⅞ inch thick MDF/Melamine and has strong two T-Tracks for your hold downs.
  • It has a removable insert which can be drilled through for any kind of size of sanding drum.
  • It can work with drill tables which include parallel slots right to the middle hole and can accept dual 9-½ inches center bolts or those that are 9-¼ inches or even smaller.
  • This is a long lasting table of good quality which inputs some versatility to your drill press.
  • Its new and improved design has dual T-tracks added and an adjustable fence which gives you optimum holding power.


  • One of the screws in one of it’s miter slots may come out a little depending on how you use it, but you can use some CA glue to reset it.


Woodstock D4033 Drill Table

This drill table is able to fit all kinds of standard drill press tables, regardless of the kind. It comes equipped with 2 universal table clamps but does not have a mortising chisel or extra clamps so you will have to get those. not included. The width is 23-3/4-Inch and the depth is 11-7/8-Inch and I like the fact that it has a three high fence as well as a stop block for your drill press which gives you extra hold and increased accuracy. The fence and its stop block can slide along the T-slots for safe and quick set-up.


  • This milling table for drill press has a stop block which gives you more support and an upgraded precision that ensures that your work is done efficiently.
  • The fence as well as the stop block can slide along the T-slots for a fast, yet secure set-up. It has a removable 3-15/16” square middle block which allows you to drill past the table.
  • It can fit every standard drill tables and you will need mortising chisels as well as any extra clamps you may require.
  • The measurements are 23-¾’’ wide by 11-⅞” deep. It has a three inch high fence and has 2 universal table clamps which can be used for most jobs.


  • If the screws will not hold down in the particle board, you can drill right through the table then replace the screws which hold down its tracks with some nuts and bolts and you can use it without any issues.


MLCS 9778 Drill Table

This jumbo sized milling table for drill press measures 20 inches x 30 inches. Its upgraded fence design allows you extra handle clearance and I observed that you do not need to move the fence to get it. This table includes universatility and precision to your big bench tops as well as you drill presses that are floor standing. This extra large table is made of ⅞ inches MDF/Melamine. It has dual T-Tracks for your track mounted accessories though you can add more if you wish and it has an adjustable fence which guarantees you maximum holding power anytime you need it. It has a stop block mounted on its fence to assist you in making identical cuts as well as a removable table insert that can accommodate sanding drums. It is ideal for use with the MLCS forstner bits and you can get the T-Track hold downs separately depending on how many you need.


  • This large 20 inches x 30 inches table size with improved fence design can allow you extra handle clearance and you do not even need to move the fence.
  • With this table, you can add versatility and accuracy to your bigger bench top and even your floor mounted drill presses.
  • It has a stop block which is mounted on the fence and allows you to create repetitive cuts. It also includes a table insert which is removable and allows you accommodate sanding drums.
  • This milling table for drill press has a fence that can not just be adjusted, but that also guarantees you maximum holding power.


  • If you encounter any issues with holding down clamps in different spots, you can add some T nuts on its underside.


WEN DPA2412 Drill Table

This large table is able to create an extra 275 inches of square space for your jobs. This drill press table is between five and sixteen inches in width. I noticed that it is made to fit the complete WEN press series. It has onboard rulers, a fence that can be adjusted, a fence stop block that slides, and a 2-year warranty. With this table, you can support your large old work items and upgrade your drill press to a higher level. Although this drill table was created with WEN products in mind, it has a universal fit that allows you to install majority of drill presses that can be found on the market. All you need to do is to tighten the mounting clamps right onto tables that anywhere from five to sixteen inches wide.


  • The onboard rulers on this milling table for drill press can maximize your precision and deliver accurate and even cuts while its adjustable fence can slide back and forth perfectly, to fit the requirements of any project.
  • It has a removable insert which allows you to drill through your material completely without marring the table.
  • The strong one inch thick MDF body can prevent any warping and wobbling when you are making use of it, while the stop block of the fence adjusts along it to assist in centering your workpiece.
  • This drill table is backed by not just a helpful customer care help line, but also a 2-year warranty.


  • The owner’s manual may indicate that its fence can interfere a little with its feed handles. Therefore, the remedy is to take out the handle.


A milling table for drill press usually has a flexible insert. To ensure that you do not drill in too deep, drill press tables have an Insert. The good thing about the ones above is that the position can be changed completely and it can be removed entirely and as a result of continuous drilling, once your insert becomes totally damaged, you can get a new one to replace it.



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