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A variable speed drill press has many important features and merits apart from the one apparent in its name. The multiple spindle speeds are found in the spindle which the chuck is fitted to and if you are a woodworker or hobbyist, you must know the relevance of speed variance. It is not simply a must have drill press, but it helps you save money to buy one with different speeds instead of wasting money by getting a drill press with just a single speed. If you work with different kinds of materials, then it is important that you get a drill with multiple speeds. Metals usually need a lower speed unlike wood for instance so if you have a variable speed drill press you can just easily adjust the speed and continue with your drilling.

Factors that make a variable speed drill press more useful

The ideal range for most drilling projects is around 500-2,000 RPM. You can make use of a drill press for various projects so you can see a lot of them with a higher RPM of about 4,000 RPM. You can use those for any work like sanding, grooving and making mortise joints.
There are even drill presses with up to twelve speeds.

Horse Power
Another thing to consider is the power which depends so much on the kind of material that you want to drill. This will determine just how much power your drill press will have to give to you. If you want to drill through any tough material, or if you drill a lot of big holes, you will surely require a drill press that has a bigger horsepower. Any variable speed drill press that has 3/4 HP is ideal for that kind of power drilling.

Another feature you need to consider is the table. Usually, it can be moved around depending on what you are drilling and how you want to do it. With the right drill press, this is an easy and smooth process. The best drill press tables should be simple to move up and down its shaft. It should have the ability to be able to swivel a complete 360 degrees right around its major shaft or column.
As for the chuck size,  you could get any with ½ inch or 5/8-3/4″. You should also pick one that has a keyless chuck because it just makes your work so much quicker than usual.

You should also consider the swing of the variable speed drill press. The swing is the distance that you get from the centre of the chuck right to the edge closest to the column. Sixteen-inch swings are ideal for many projects on your drill press, it just depends on what you are actually doing.

Depth Stop
Another thing to look at is the depth stop. This is an important feature that you just need to have. If you just need to drill any hole right through an item, but you still just need the hole to reach a particular depth, then with this feature, you will be able to get that set on your drill press.

You should also check for reliable drill press clamps because if you don’t clamp down your material, especially small material, it can begin to swing around which will pose as a nuisance to your job and if the material is thin enough, it can hurt you, hence, you have to be careful.

So, armed with this information, let’s check out the variable speed drill presses out there.


Best Variable Speed Drill Press Review

1. Grizzly G7945 Radial Drill Press

This drill can get your work done at any angle you wish and it has five speeds. I fancy the fact that it is truly versatile. The motor is single phase and 1/2 HP with 110 volts. The total height is 31-½ inch, the spindle travel is 3-¼ inch, the spindle taper is JT-33 and the collar size is 2.160 inch.

The drill chuck is 1/64 inch-5/8inch, the swing is 34 inch maximum, the table is made of strong cast iron, the table size is 8-⅝ inch x 9 inch, the table can swing 360 degrees and tilt ninety degrees to your left and right.


  • This variable speed drill press has five speeds, is radial and can be placed on your bench-top. It also has a variable swing.
  • The pivoting heads allow you to drill at any angle you desire at the moment.
  • It has a versatile and single phase of 1/2 HP and 110 volts.
  • The total height of this drill is 31-½”.
  • This variable speed drill press has a 1/64”/5/8” drill chuck and a swing of thirty four inches maximum.


  • You will need to carry out a little adjustment to its rotating head right after you lock it tightly to its channel to make sure that your table is ninety degrees to your drill bit. You can do this by getting a little magnetic square to solve the issue.


2. WEN 4208 Drill Press

This drill has an eight inch swing plus  five speeds that may look small but are strong enough to drill holes you need through plastics, metal or wood, as well as other materials. The total drill capacity of this drill is ½  inch in one inch thick cast iron.

If you need precise, repeated drilling, this unit can do your project conveniently and accurately, even more than any hand held drill which is what I like about it. It is the ideal size for your shop and is really moveable enough to  carry along to your job. Its slotted table gives you the ability to mount not just clamps but vises for more effective workholding.


  • This variable speed drill press is made with a strong frame that consists of the good cast iron. The base, head and table all help to give you accurate holes.
  • Its effective induction motor has ball bearings which grant longer life and it is combined with the smooth and sturdy performance to give you top notch work at high speeds.
  • The ½ inch chuck with its JT33 spindle taper is able to grant you versatility even with different kinds of bits.
  • The worktable can bevel up to forty-five degrees both left and right, especially for tricky usage, giving you the ideal right angles everytime you make use of it.
  • The base of the drill has pre drilled holes which are used for mounting them right onto the bench and work surface, whichever one you use.


  • There is a tiny bit of flex right between its post and drill head but it cannot cause any noticeable drill deflection no matter the usage, even at total throw or with minimum chuck.


SHOP FOX W1669 Radial Drill Press

This variable speed drill press has an accurate and stable on the surface cast iron table which can be adjusted and tilted from ninety degrees in both directions. I found that the table is able to be adjusted for the height as well as angle which makes it a really versatile unit which can grant you different applications.

It also has a safe paddle switch that gives you a bigger level of safety even over many kinds of 110 volt motors. The on/off switches have an oversized paddle plus a lock-out key that can be removed.


  • You do not need to fumble clumsily just to find the off button. All you need to do is slap its paddle down and the power goes off.
  • The motor is ½ horsepower with 110 volts.
  • The total height of this bench model is 31-1/2-inches and the spindle travel is 3-¼”.
  • The number of speeds is five and the drill chuck is 5/8-inch.
  • The head is able to tilt forty-five degrees left and ninety degrees right. The swing is thirty four inches in total.


  • The hardware that it comes with for mounting to the base may be unreliable.


3. BUCKTOOL Drill Press

This variable speed drill press has a good quality drive pulley that is made from precisely constructed cast iron parts  which does not just give you low vibration, it also gives you a low level of noise.

Its cross laser can guide your birthday to move through it with exact precision. I observed that the cross laser guide of this drill was preset in the factory with high precision and lets you adjust it all by yourself. It has a five speed design and an adjustable drill speed (RPM) that goes from 610 – 2800.


  • This has a drill press, a precise laser, bright LED light, a ½ inch keyed chuck plus key and comes with tools for assembly.
  • It has an on board laser that gives you the exact prediction of your drilling location as well as an LED light.
  • The beveling worktable is able to bevel both forty-five degrees left and right and the height can be adjusted by the rack gear. It is safe and easy to use.
  • It has a ten inch swing diameter, a strong 6.2 AMP, ⅔ horsepower induction motor that gives you enough torque and power.
  • The platform size of the drill is 191*165 millimeter. It reaches CSA standards and has a 1-year warranty.


  • The top of the variable speed drill press is really heavy and may need help to carry it.


4. General International 75-010 Green Drill Press

This drill has high quality bearings that give you smooth operation that is free of vibration. I like the simple, one hand lever mechanical variable speed which can be controlled from 500 – 3000 rpm. The spindle speed has a digital display. It has an efficient 1/3 HP, 120 volt motor.

It comes with an easy to control dual depth stop which gives you total control of both the down stroke depth then the upstroke travel. The ⅝ inch chuck that has a key and the nice chuck key holder are both onboard. You also get a chuck guard that you can see through and also flip-up.


  • This variable speed drill press has a forced opening line for interrupter switch that requires machine restart in case of power failure or circuit interruption.
  • It has a spindle tension, fully adjustable, return spring.
  • It has an inbuilt laser pointer, a strong design as well as a sturdy case iron head with reliable base and table.
  • It has a rack and pinion type table that is crank operated and the height cab be adjusted.


  • It works really well but after some years of usage, it can become really loud.


5. JET Floor Eight Inch Drill Press

This variable speed drill press has a strong electricity powered motor and a sturdy cast table. I noticed the three-way handles which give you maximum control. The cast bases are heavy which increases stability whenever you are drilling.

The chuck size is ⅝ inches, the speed quantity is 16, the drilling capacity is ⅝ inches, the vertical stroke is 4 ⅜ inches, the volt is 115 and the spindle distance is 29 ⅛ inches. Dimensions of length x weight x height in inches are 30 x 14 7/16 x 68 7/16. The speed in RPM is 200-3,630. The swing is 16 ½ inches and the motor is HP ¾. The dimensions of the world is L x W in inches – 13 3/4 x 13 4.


  • The stroke/spindle of the drill is 4 ⅜ inches/MT2 spindle.
  • The table of this variable speed drill press can be fully adjusted, it is rack & pinion and can tilt to accommodate your workpiece.
  • The footprint and base of this drill is 14 ⅝ inch x 24 ½ inch.
  • This floor model drill comes with an included stand.


  • Due to the bigger motor, this drill press has a very heavy top so you will need help to lift.


Woodworkers, as well as those who have such hobbies that require drilling, are usually the major users of a variable speed drill press. The above presses assist you in delivering precise cuts, and it can be liked to having an additional pair of hands. Simply clamp the item properly onto your press table and it will remain stable for as long as you want.


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