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The shop fox drill press is a stationary version of the hand drill placed on top of a worktable. The hole at the middle of this table lets your drill bit pass smoothly through your work item. It can be gotten as a benchtop unit or a freestanding floor kind. In your home workshop, a benchtop kind will carry out all the tasks that you ask of it. These drill presses have noticeable merits over the handheld drills and the major one is accuracy. Its construction means that it can drill at accurate angles to your work item which is usually ninety degrees and it can drill holes of similar size, depth and even position for as many times that you want.

Just like a band saw & jigsaw, its flexibility is determined by its throat size, the distance that is between the column supporting at the rear plus the axis where the spindle turns. Shop fox drill presses can have throats of 7 1/2 inches which is really common and such drills are called fifteen-inch units because they can cut right to the middle of a work item that is fifteen inches. The depth of the cut you make is usually determined by the hit. length of course, but it is also determined by the column length too. Benchtop models from their name are shorter than the freestanding drills. Both the benchtop plus the freestanding units have sturdy bases made from cast iron that you can bolt in place if you want. The worktable that it possesses can slide up or down along its column. But when compared to their free-standing units, the travel you get is much bigger. Some units are even constructed so that their worktables can tilt for you to drill angled holes.

Bench drills which are another name for the bench top units, usually have electric motors which power them and are mounted at the rear of their columns. They can spin your shop fox drill presses themselves and they drive it with an array of belts & pulleys or even gear wheels, it all depends on the unit in particular. The chuck is found at the lower end of your spindle and here, the bits are put in and tightened, as you do with a hand drill. The spindle then slides inside and out of your drill head in the quill which is shaped like a cylinder. The lever mechanism which is hand powered drives down the drill right as it is spinning then a spring takes it up when you release the pressure on its lever.

The throw of the fox shop drill press can be adjusted depending on where you set your depth stop. For instance, when you are countersinking your screws, setting your depth stop actually makes your work quicker and precise. Horsepower ratings are different and it depends on the size of the shop fox drill press. They can start from as small as one-sixth HP to two HP or even more which can be found on the larger drill presses. The variability of speed that you drive your drill determines how versatile the drill is. Like other cutting tools, you use slower speeds when you want to cut metals and faster speeds for wood. Exceptions to these are drill bits or attachments with large diameters such as a circle & hole cutter – slower speeds should  be used.

What kind of attachments can be used on a fox shop drill press?

There are lots of drills under fox shop that can drill circular holes, even extension, spade, forstner drills, brad point, and twist. There are also plug cutters. You can fit router bits to your drill press because some other drills are not fast enough to create clean cuts. You can even use a mortising attachment, rotary rasps as well as dovetail groovers on your shop fox drill press.

What other things can a fox drill press do?

They can drill wider holes:
The motor these drills are more effective than those of handheld drills so you can use less energy to drill. The head of the drill can be fitted with drill bits that are wider and assist in making wider holes with accuracy in the given item.

You can use them to drill at any particular angle:
The shop fox drill presses have adjustable tables that can hold the item on which you are drilling. Some of them have tables whose heights can be adjusted even at variable angles. If you clamp the item on your table then tilt it to the angle you want, then you can drill that angular hole.

They can carry our variable depth operations:
These drills usually have a depth stop that you can pre-set can to stop the hole from going beyond that point. If many of such holes are needed, it is faster to imitate the process with the drill when compared to others.

When you drill a hole, the surface on the interior can be rough and then require polishing sometimes. A shop fox drill press comes equipped with these sanding attachments and these sanding drums are inserted right into the chuck which forms a sanding tool. This kind of sanding is appropriate for sanding the insides of holes that are newly drilled and for rounded cuts too.

Cutting threads right into the inside of an already made hole is called tapping. Making sure that tapping is done properly is extremely necessary because the smallest undulations can make the material that is screwed in or the bolt to become crooked or damaged. When do perform tapping with a shop fox drill press however, it makes sure that your work is straight and this makes it a safer and more reliable choice than the handheld drill.

When you drill a hole, you may notice that in the place where your drill bit enters through, the item stays smoother than the exit surface which becomes chipped. This issue can be reduced and removed when you use the deburring tool attachment that comes with your drill press.

Armed with the above information, let’s check out the shop fox drill presses below.

Best Shop Fox Drill Press Review

SHOP FOX M1039 Drill Press

This twelve speed drill does not just have a moveable table plus headstock, but both of them are capable of rotating 360 degrees around its column. I found that it has a twenty inch swing and can drill 1 ¼ inches in steel. The spindle speeds can range right from (RPM) 210 to 3,300 and the speeds can be quickly changed with its V-belt pulley feature. It can swivel and its drilling capacity is 1 ¼”. The horsepower is 1 1/2, speed (RPM) is 1,725, the chuck size is ⅝”.


  • The swing is 20 inches and the drill chuck is 5/8-inch.
  • This shop fox drill press has a JT-3 arbor and possesses twelve speeds which is more than enough for your operations.
  • It has speeds for every job from 210 to 3,300 RPM.
  • It has a light and worktable L x W in inches – 18 3/4 x 16 3/4 x 1 ½.


  • This drill is really heavy, so it is advisable to anchor it to the floor for more stability.


SHOP FOX W1669 Radial Drill Press

This drill has an accurate cast iron table which includes an adjustable tilt right from ninety degrees left & right. I observed that its table can be easily adjusted, both the height and angle too which makes it very versatile and more than capable of handling different operations. This unit also has a safety paddle switch that gives you a larger degree of safety even over other kinds of drills with 110 volts. The on/off switches have an oversized paddle plus lock-out key that can be removed. Now you do not need to awkwardly search for the off button. All you need to do is push down the paddle if you want to switch off power.


  • The effective motor of this shop fox drill press is 1/2 HP plus 110 volts.
  • The spindle travel is 3-1/4-inch and the overall heighy of this bench unit is 31-1/2-inches.
  • The number of speeds are five and the drill chuck is 5/8-inch.
  • The head can tilt forty-five-degrees left and ninety-degrees right. The swing is 34-inches in total.


  • The hardware you are given to mount the drill to the base makes the assembly a bit stressful.


SHOP FOX W1680 Drill Press

This drill press has a chuck guard that assists in protecting you from any the accidental contact with its moving parts or harmful flying debris. I like the way the spring loaded guard just conveniently flips right out of your way for quick tool changes. This shop fox drill press has a paddle switch that gives you a larger degree of safety even over other kinds out there. The on and off switches has an oversize paddle plus lock-out key. All you need to do is push down the paddle to switch the power off.


  • It has a precise cast iron table with a diameter of fourteen inches.
  • The package weighs 200 lbs. and the motor size is 1 HP with 1,720 RPM.
  • The switch is a toggle type and it has a spindle travel of 3-¼”.
  • This drill can accept ⅝” drill chuck and it has an on board 110V light socket.


  • The exact color of this press is not really the same one you can see in the picture because it looks like beige, not white.
  • The knobs used to bring down its head are made up of plastic which can break if you are not careful, but you can make new ones from aluminum.


Shop Fox W1668 Drill Press

This radial drill press can give you intense performance for whatever in you want to carry out. It has a lot of important and helpful of features that assist in your operation and give you value for your money. I recommend that you get this drill press because its versatility ensures that you can make use of it anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are a do it yourself-er or a professional with other jobs to do, this drill gives you the power you need to get the job done.


  • The motor of this shop fox drill press is 3/4 horsepower, 110-Volt and 1,725 RPM. The spindle Speeds are 250-3050 RPM.
  • The drill chuck is ⅝” and the spindle travel is 3-¼”.
  • The swing is 13-¼”, it has grit sanding paper that fits the one inch, one and half inch and two-inch drums.
  • It has a spindle sander three-piece drum kit plus a mandrel.


  • You might need to make a tool stand for this press because it is too large to sit at the top of a small sized table.


Shop Fox W1667 Drill Press

This shop fox drill press offers you a wide range of drill presses that are able to suit your every need. Right from little hobby corners up to expert machine workshops. The special oscillating units give you dual machine convenience just in half as much space. I noticed that the radial drill press gives you unmatched versatility so if you require the best pick of features, operation and value, you really should get this drill press.


  • It has a total height of 23 inches and a spindle travel of 1-⅝ inches.
  • It has a drill chuck of 1/64 inch- ½ inch and a dust port size of 2 inches.
  • It has a swing of 8-½ inch and an oscillating spindle of 1/2 inch.
  • It has a two-inch dust port and the table can tilt left & right.


  • This drill press may vibrate a lot after some years of usage.


A shop fox drill press can carry out almost every drilling oriented operations even with the kind of accuracy which the other drilling units out there do not offer. It is easier to operate and requires less input. It has ample versatility, power functionality. It is a very necessary piece of equipment that you should consider using.


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