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A magnetic drill, also called a mag drill is a portable drill press that is usually used to cut up metal. They are made up of four major components which are, the motor, magnetic base, an arbor or chuck and a drill stand. You can make use of lots of tools with these drills like counter sinks, annular cutters, reamers, twist drills and taps. The convenience of this drill can simply not be overstated because you need it to access confined or hard to reach locations like vertical parts made of metal that are  stationary and truck beds. Below are the top reliable portable drill presses which have been privileged to encounter and trust.

Best Portable Drill Press Review

Evolution EVOMAG28 Drill

This powerful 1-⅛” x 2” capacity drill has a capable magnetic holding power which does not fail you on jobs regardless of where you use it or how long you want to keep it running.

I observed that it has a chuck and adaptor that can accommodate twist drills that are up to a half inch diameter. It also has right and left handles on the side as well as a coolant system which was integrated.


  • It has a six inch stroke length and efficient magnetic holding power.
  • It has an integrated coolant system which ensures the longevity of your drill.
  • The portable drill press has two handles, both left and right with a cutting diameter of 7/16″- 1-1/8″.
  • It has two inches depth of cut and gives you high quality construction.


  • After some years of usage, the drill spindle can begin to wobble a bit.


Hougen HMD904 Drill

This drill from the 12,000-Series has a high speed motor which performs great under pressure and the body is made of quality steel which ensures the durability of the drill regardless of how long or where you make use of it.

I found that the carbide cutters are made of copper and are available in one inch and also two inch depth of cut so you can pick depending on the job you have. The diameter of this portable drill press is 1-½ inches.


  • It has a pilot light which lights up your workpiece during no or low light conditions.
  • It has a 2 stage magnet and when your motor is turned on you have a 30% power increase.
  • The slot drive arbor ensures more accuracy and a faster change of accessories.
  • The package includes a pint of coolant, a carrying case, hex wrenches and a safety chain.


  • If you don’t keep its slide lubed, the drill will not keep going for long.


Mophorn Drill Press

This portable drill press was designed particularly for speed and complete precision. With the efficient magnetic adhesion of 2920LBS and upgraded rotation speed of 500RPM,

I observed that it is a necessary tool when you are performing any industrial or steel fabrication job. It can be used for steel structure, railway manufacturing, shipbuilding, power construction, equipment manufacturing, drilling rig, equipment installation, wind power generation and bridge engineering.


  • It has a 1200W drilling system motor which is fast enough for jobs.
  • It has a drilling diameter of 23mm and an effective 13000N magnetic adhesion.
  • It has an efficient rotation speed of 500RPM for even and precise cuts.
  • The electromagnetic base of this portable drill press which is easy to use is controlled by a switch to activate or deactivate the magnet and drill. It is lightweight for portability.


  • You would have to make use of water based lubricant on the HSS annular bits then a bit of coolant on the carbide and these are not included in the instructions.


VEVOR MD40 Drill

This drill can accept about two inches and the high speed annular cutters made with steel have a boring diameter of about 40 mm. I noticed that this drill press can attach itself directly to whatever metal surface with the use of an efficient electromagnet which possesses 2,700 lbs of force.

It also ensures that your machine will not be moving throughout the drilling process and as you know, a steady drill press can give more leverage allowing you to cut even holes.


  • This portable drill press is good for drilling on any kind of metal surface.
  • The motor has a high speed and the total magnetic force is 2,700 lbs. It also has a tool holder.
  • It has a 3/4-inch shank with a spindle speed of 670 RPM.
  • The total boring depth is 7-½” and the total boring diameter is 1-½” which is 40 mm.
  • This drilling system is really suitable for any drilling on metal surface and thinner metal requires less force.


  • The rack and pinion of this portable drill press which enables vertical movement may skip when drilling if there is a slack.

Champion Magnetic Drill

This is a really powerful but lightweight drill press which can drill holes that are up to about 2-⅛ inches in diameter and even up to about two inches deep. I like the fact that it is easy to maneuver. The change arbor allows your annular cutters the speed to be quickly changed in a matter of seconds. It is great for any steel fabrication or construction job, good for truck frame fabrication, bridge work, plant maintenance, ship building, refineries, mining and power generation.


  • It weighs 33 lbs and its magnetic strength is 3370 lbs. It has a two speed motor of 450 and 300 RPM.
  • The cutting capacity is 2-⅛ inch diameter with two inches depth of cut.
  • It is recommended that this portable drill press be used with a cutting tool from champion with their robotic annular cutters.
  • The arbor which can be quickly changed makes for quick cutter change and you can quickly move from annular cutters down to your twist drills with the drill and chuck adaptor.
  • The package includes a removable handle, a carrying case, an arbor that can be quickly changed, hex keys, then a safety chain, a safety guard, a coolant bottle on the exterior and a drill and chuck adaptor.


  • Its rack and pinion which is used for vertical movement may slack when going up or down and whenever you are drilling a hole, it may skip if there is any such kind of slack.


Steel Dragon Drill Press

The drill has about 2,700 lbs. of magnetic force which ensures that the press will be stable and not move around unnecessarily during operation. The press will be attached to the metal surface directly to drill any precision holes safely and quickly.

I observed that it is able to give you a total boring depth of seven inches and complete boring diameter of about 1-3/4 inches. It has a spindle taper and it also comes along with an MT2 to ¾” shank converter from Weldon. It has a motor with variable speeds.


  • This is a portable drill press with maximum force of 2700 lbs.
  • The highest boring diameter is 1-3/4 inches which is forty-five millimeters.
  • It has an MT2 – ¾” weldon spindle adapter.
  • The spindle speed is a no-load kind of special and it has a zero to five hundred RPM variable speed.
  • The highest boring depth is seven inches which is 180 millimeters.


  • The v rail of this drill can be a little bit tight but what you need to do is loosen up the screws which were preset.


Slugger Drilling Unit

This drill has a really compact magnetic base which can be used for on-site drilling. I like the fact that it is small so it won’t take up space, but it is also powerful and can pack on an unexpected punch with its twenty two pound package.

It was constructed with metal so it is strong enough and the smart magnet circuitry  which it has, is a long lasting and efficient unit. It has a thorough spindle coolant as well as a coolant bottle which can be placed  multiple positions as well as an internal motor cord which was patented.


  • This portable drill press has efficient power and weight ratio which is used for working at heights. The handwheel position of the drill can be changed or adjusted in order to do any work in spaces that are confined.
  • The covered motor wiring can stop wires from getting caught or even snagging in tight spaces. It also has cooling lubrication which is gravity fed.
  • It has a chip and contact guard as well as an easy guide adjustment. It also has feed handles which are right or left hand and a 1-3/16” cutter diameter.
  • It has two inches of maximum cutting drill depth, a 750w electricity consumption and a 430w electricity output.
  • The package of this portable drill press includes one case, one coolant tank, one safety strap, one chip hook, two centering pins, one 5mm hexagon wrench and one safety guard.


  • The v rail may be a little tight but all you have to do is loosen up the set screws.


Hougen HMD904S Drill

This is a top notch magnetic drill good for fabrication. It is lightweight and compact yet powerful and gives you more versatility. Now better than before, I found that it was totally redesigned with extra features.

It can handle large capacity jobs has a strong 450 RPM motor. It also has a pilot light which illuminates your space when there is low light or when there’s no light at all. It has a 2 stage magnet thirty percent power increase whenever its motor is put on. The housing is stiffer and more ergonomic and it has positive slug ejection.


  • The swivel base on this portable drill press includes greater versatility. All you have to do is accurately line your pilot up with its holes located in the center.
  • Its unlock handle and one stroke lock is good for tight, horizontal and overhead areas.
  • It has a slot drive arbor which gives you increased precision and a faster change of accessories.The feed handles can move quickly from side to side and it has a lift detector system for safety, back mounted controls then a coolant system with gravity feed.
  • The fabricators kit has a coolant bottle with a swivel base, a drill chuck as well as an adapter plus a rotabroach cutter kit.


  • The rail system which was added to it and used for holding the head of the drill steady, can simply not be adjusted.


DEWALT DWE1622K Drill Press

This portable drill press has a cooling tank which is self fed and allows you to control the flow of the cooling fluid and the good thing about it is that it can be put on either side of your drill or just on your work surface depending on what you’re using the drill for.

This four inch drill travel gives you enough power for heavy operations and I noticed that it has a motor height adjustment system that gives you even more range in relation to accessory compatibility. It has a chuck system that can be quickly changed. The coolant bottle is able to be placed on both sides of the tool or even on your work surface.


  • It has a ten amp motor and two speed settings of 300 and 450 rpm.
  • It has an overload protection system which can help in preventing motor damage.
  • The package includes a drill Press, a height adjustment feature, a safety chain, a key box and a half inch keyed chuck which can be easily changed.
  • It can travel 4-3/8 inches which gives you maximum capacity for your heavy duty operations.


  • The rail system added to it, that holds the head of the drill steady, cannot be adjusted.


The portable drill presses above are versatile because they have the strength from their electromagnetic bases. Their long press also makes it possible for you stick them to steel surfaces. You can make use of them in any location or position whether you are drilling anything vertically, horizontally or upside down.

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