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A mortise drill press is a unique woodworking machine that is used to cut out a square or even rectangular holes right in the piece of lumber such as a tenon joint. If you do not have any proper mortising tool such as a chisel, a drill press can be made use of to perform any mortising jobs. Some of the drills presses out there come with a mortising attachment that can be made use of to mortise any square shaped or rectangular shaped hole on your material. If you want to make a really precise square or rectangle, a mortise drill press can do a wonderful job. Let’s check them out below.

Best Mortise Drill Press Review

1. Jet 708580 JBM-5 1/2 Bench Mortiser

For all the work that you want to do that needs mortising, you need the effective performance plus trouble-free operation offered by this half HP, 115-volt mortise. I fancy the rack & pinion head that can raise & lower for greater drilling control. The lengthy multiposition splines allow you to reposition its feed handle and gives you an ideal handle position.

This mortise drill press has a 3-jaw drill chuck plus extended chuck key which gives you better grip on your drill bit. It has two hinged doors on the side that allow for total drill chuck access. It has a toggle switch that is removable and can prevent any accidental turn on.


  • This is a ½ HP bench mortiser with 115 volts and a 1,752-rpm motor.
  • This unit has three bits – ¼” 708590, ⅜” 708592, ½” 708593.
  • It has a chisel capacity of 1/2-inch, a head stroke of 4-¾” plus a rack & pinion head.
  • This mortise drill press is made from strong cast-iron plus steel.
  • The package has a chuck key, mortiser, and three bits.
  • It weighs 44 pounds and comes with a five-year limited warranty.


  • There is no clamp that you can use to hold your items in place so you may need to make use of your other hand to hold it or just get a clamp.


2. DELTA 14-651 Bench Mortising Machine

This mortise drill press is ideal for boat building, furniture, woodworking and cabinetry. The 1/2 horsepower motor plus the ⅜” capacity chuck are able to mortise any hard or soft wood. I noticed that it has a base of cast iron, an adjustable fence plus head ease adjustments that gives you the freedom between projects.

9 ⅜” under its head to base plus a five-inch stroke can accept different sizes in assemblies & stock. Its head can actually be turned right to 180 degrees then re-mounted for mortising that is done off-table. It has a height attachment that adds 1-¾” right under its head which gives you versatility in your workshop. The stop can be adjusted and makes multiple mortises easier. Its tool has a chuck key and hex wrench for bit or chisel changes.


  • It has an access that is easy to open to its drill chuck to facilitate bit changing.
  • This mortise drill press has a big cast iron base plus a middle hole right through it.
  • The rack&pinion fence is adjustable and the rack & pinion head is suitable for raising and lowering.
  • The head column has the ability to be turned one hundred eighty degrees then remounted when you want to carry out off-table mortising.
  • It has an adjustable fence as well as hold down. The dovetail way is adjustable on mortising head.
  • It possesses about four chisels & bits ¼”x 1⁄4”; 5/16” x 5/16”; ⅜”x ⅜” ½” x ½”.


  • You may meet a small issue in installing the bit because of the chuck head that moves when you are doing the tightening.


3. WEN 43012 Bench Mortiser

Strengthen your workshop by including this mortise drill press. I found that the five amp motor can give you about 1725 rotations/min which make quick work out of the toughest materials. The chuck is spacious and can accept bits that are anywhere right from 1/32” to half an inch. It has ¼-½” for chisel bits and can give you the kind of versatility that you need to do any job.

Its has a spindle travel that is 4-¼” and a total stock thickness of about four inches. With it, you can create strong mortises that are about three inches in depth.


  • Its pneumatic spring head can return smoothly. The fence is spring loaded and has both tune and big scale adjustments.
  • The table is spacious and measures at 13-1/2 by 6” plus a work item hold down which can accept boards that are up to 3-½” thick.
  • The feed handle is adjustable and can rotate freely to stop any collision with your material, then spring right back in place whenever you pick your ultimate start or stop point.
  • This mortise drill press has inbuilt depth stop that can stop you from going right past your actual distance.
  • The protective chip has a spring loaded guard that can quickly flip up & down, it just depends on the actual need at the time.
  • The package has 3 chisel bits that measure at 1/4, ⅜ plus 1/2 inch along with an additional chuck extension adapter. It also has a ¾” chise.


  • There is quite a lot of slop right in the part that links the fence through to its base which then results in you need to tighten or adjust the fence repeatedly.
  • It is not really balanced enough for you to cut down without being bolted.


4. Grizzly G0645 Mortising Machine

An extension block is included in this mortise drill press to increase its total stock thickness up to six inches. The half HP motor can work right through any kind of wood and I observed that the easily accessible drill chuck can make the changing of mortising drills a walk in the park.

It has four mortising chisels and you can make square sided mortises with efficiently. It has a strong cast iron design and the rack & pinion head mechanism can slide on the dovetailed column properly. It has adjustable ways that help to make sure that it is accurate when you use it. The pneumatic return strut has the ability to ease the step plus repeat cycle to ensure continuous drilling.


  • You can drill any square sided mortise if you use this with mortising machine for bench top.
  • The sturdy cast iron design plus rack and pinion head and control mechanism can slides on the dovetailed column. It has adjustable ways that help ensure precision.
  • This mortise drill press has a pneumatic return strut that eases the step plus repeat cycle of continuous drilling.
  • It has 4 mortising chisels; a 1 phase 1/2 horsepower, 110 volt motor with speed of 1750 RPM and spindle taper JT -2.
  • The spindle travel is 3-¼ inch, the chuck size is ⅜ inch, the collar size is ⅝ inch and it has one speed. The total stock width is 8-½ inch.
  • The total stock thickness of this unit without the extension block is 4-¼ inch. It has a total stock thickness plus extension block of six inches.


  • One of the knobs for adjustment which is plastic over the metal can strip after some years of usage.
  • The riser plate of this unit may seem flimsy after installation and if you remove it, there’s no noticeable change except it you are working with a 4×4 stock.


5. Woodtek 876775 Chisel Mortiser

This unit has a keyed chuck and a mechanical toggle type on/off switch. I noticed that the capacity of the chisel is ⅝ inch to ½ inch. The shank diameter of the stroke is 4-¾ inch and its hold down ability is 4-¼ inch. The table size is 7-¾ inch x 13-¾ inch, the fence size is 1-½ inch x 13-¾ inch.

The total dimensions is 30-¼ inch high not including the handle, weighs 13-¾ inch and as a depth of 13-⅜ inch. The net weight is 45 lbs. You should note that any ¾ inch bit and chisel that possesses 12 millimeter shank will not not fit this mortiser. It has an eight inch cord and plug for power, a chuck key, a twenty eight inch long handle, it has wrenches, hardware as well as well detailed instructions included.


  • It has a 1-year parts plus workmanship warranty.
  • It has a rack and pinion that is lever controlled and has a plunge stroke.
  • It has a one phase, horse power – ½ and volt 120 motor.
  • The net weight of this unit is forty-five lb.


  • The depth adjustment of this drill is quite primitive, but it is still easy to adjust.


6. RIKON Professional Mortiser 34-260

This unit allows you to accurately position your material to bore mortises as a result of its X-Y sliding axis table that I admire. The controls in front are able to move its table either front or back, and side to side right along its two dovetail ways. The clamp in front pushes your work right against its rear fence made of cast iron and it still functions as a hold down.

This mortise drill press has a TEFC ½ horsepower 120 volt motor. It also has dovetail column ways plus adjustable stop with a game filled stabilizer. It has two extensions – ⅝ inch & ¾ inch Chisel bushings. It also includes the fence, the hold Down, its tool holder plus 4 chisels.


  • This mortising unit can allow exact positioning of the job for making mortises as a result of its X-Y sliding axis table.
  • With the efficient ½ horsepower motor of 1750 RPM, you can quickly cut what you want in tough wooden items without stalling.
  • This mortise drill press with its dovetail column as we as adjustable stop can give you the solid, repeatable cutting power of different mortises.
  • You can feel totally safe when doing repeated work because this unit possesses a stabilizer which is gas filled and assists in controlling downward plus upward chisel motions when you are making use of it.


  • The bits that the machine comes with may make a little noise after some years of usage. You may also have problems with ejecting properly and it may overheat quickly.


7. Powermatic 1791264K Table Mortiser

We know that a really solid work item needs joints which are well cut and can fit tightly so this mortiser was constructed to do just that. It has a sturdy cast iron engineering and an effective 1 hp motor. It has a table that can tilt which I like and was made to take on really tasking mortising projects.

The head mounted with the use of adjustable jibs gives you the right to easy maintenance minus years of trouble during usage. This mortise drill press has a good rack & pinion system that comes with a six position, spring-loaded handle that can be adjusted as well as a special shock that is gas filled for really smooth mortising operations.


  • The handy depth stop that it comes with gives you extra consistent finishes. The big 20-¼ by 7” table gives you total work support and can adjust angles that are between zero and thirty-five degrees.
  • The table it possesses can move in four directions with the big easy-to-operate handwheel controls. It has linear stops that are adjustable plus a flip down stop that helps in accurate repetition.
  • This mortise drill press has a fast-adjust clamp that holds your job steady then swivels appropriately to handle angled workpieces.
  • It has a heavy steel cabinet which is enclosed and gives you ample storage right in it for your chisels plus accessories.
  • This unit is not simply a mortiser, it is actually a high technology combined building lab.


  • This machine is really heavy and that is a good thing but keep in mind that you will need help to lift because of that.


If the walls of your mortise drill press are not smooth enough, you can unlock the chisel then rotate it right until the position is correct and at the end, you will get a smooth walled mortise. Use this simple trick to set up any of the drills above and your unit will make an ideal mortise.

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