Best Mini Drill Press Review

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The small drill press is a really practical drilling tool which does not even take too much space, yet allows you to drill different kinds of materials. Whether you want a really small and precise hole or just powerful drilling for your jobs, a good mini drill press must deliver whenever you fit it with the ideal drill bit size. There are so many uses of this kind of drill press. From considerably tough tasks to petty tasks like making tiny holes in jewelry. This diversity in purpose makes it a big bang in the company of drill presses. The top models in the market have been reviewed and best picks have been laid out for your guide below.

Best Mini Drill Press Review

1. Gino Development Drill Press

The drill’s 3 speed ranges from 0-5000 to 0-6500 then 0-8500 RPM. It can take drill bits from about 0.79 to 6 millimeters. I found that the chuck capacity is six millimeters and the spindle travel is one inch.

The diameter of the column is 1.250″ and the work surface measures 6.750″ x 6.750″. The total height is 13.5 inches and the width is 7.5 inches. The depth of this mini drill press is 10 inches and it has a chuck key included.


  • It has a permanent magnet motor as well as variable speed control.
  • The infinite speed selection that it possesses help you choose which one you want.
  • It can accommodate any drilling from 0.79 to 6 millimeter.
  • The weight of the drill is 11.75 pounds.


  • The instruction manual of this drill is not really helpful so you may need to get help or use your experience.


2. SE 3-Speed Drill

This is a drill with three effective speeds. You can drill accurate holes continuously with this unit. It is really to use and more convenient than any handheld drill.

I noticed that it is useful to any kind of craftsmen, hobbyists who craft for pleasure,  jewelers both at home and at work, mechanics who work with a variety of items, and woodworkers too either in the home or workshop. The spindle travel is one inch.

The voltage is 110V/60Hz and the wattage is 100W.


  • The work area dimensions of this drill is 6-9/16” x 6-9/16”.
  • The base dimensions are 6-5/8” x 6-5/8”. The total drill height is 7-1/2” and the total drill capacity is 6 mm.
  • It has three variable speeds/min and they are 5000, 6500 and 8000.
  • It has three wrenches plus a six-millimeter chuck key.


  • If you are not used to it,it may be a little difficult to get its head unit to slide on the stand so it helps to wipe everything with WD40.


3. Small Benchtop Drill

This easy-to-use drill may be small and lightweight, but it is powerful enough to be made use of for all your drilling jobs. With the platform that measures just 6-3/4″ x 6-3/4″,it is not just space-saving, it is portable.

I found that the variable speeds are up to 8,500 RPM. It has a one year warranty and makes your drilling applications a breeze.


  • This mini drill press is great for many drilling projects and not just small ones.
  • It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The variable speed of this drill is up to 8,500 RPM.
  • It measures about 6-¾” by 6-¾” and it weighs 13 pounds.


  • The chuck of the drill may be a little crooked and it will help to take it out and press back.


4. Multipurpose 340W Drill

This drill gives you a high-quality drilling session that is so easy to operate. I observed that it has a solid and well-balanced column bar, as well as a sturdy base that gives you good stability whenever you are drilling at work or at home.

The speed is effective and it emits a low noise so you can use it in quiet places. The breakage rate of this mini drill press is really low and with its speed regulating switch, the speed can be controlled easily.


  • It is mainly used for drilling through wood, a plastic plate, any resin plate, strong aluminum, some composite panels then any other not too hard material.
  • When you require any kind of precise holes it will do the job conveniently.
  • It is the right size for your workshop and is really portable enough for transport.
  • It can drill your DIY furniture and work smoothly and accurately.


  • The shaft of this drill does not have any runout.


5. WEN 4208 Drill Press

This drill has an 8-inch swing. The five speeds it possesses are powerful enough. I like the fact that it is small but efficient enough to do your drilling through any metal, wood, or plastic. The total capacity of this drill is ½ inch in one inch thick cast iron.

So whenever you require accurate holes, this tool can do your job conveniently when compared to a hand held drill. This drill press is the ideal size for your shop and is portable too.


  • Its rigid frame consists of cast iron. The head, table, plus base come together to ensure accurate holes.
  • The induction motor of this mini drill press has ball bearings for a prolonged life and it gives you a smooth and steady performance at high speeds.
  • The ½ inch chuck with an effective spindle taper can give you versatility when using different bits.
  • The work table can bevel up to forty five degrees left and right especially for tricky operations. It gives you perfect angles consistently.


  • The bed of this unit may develop some rust on it if you do not take proper care of it.


6. Genesis GDP805P Drill

The effective 2.6 amp motor gives you ample power and energetic performance via the 5 five speed gearbox. The half inch chuck which I fancy, can accept larger bits. The table can tilt forty-five degrees to reach your project requirements.

The power switch is easy to access and has a lock out option. The pulleys are used to change your speed range from 1 to 5 different speeds. It has a small footprint which helps to create more space on your work table and leave more space for other items. It comes with a two year warranty.


  • This mini drill press has a 2.6 amp motor for a silent and smooth performance without any issues.
  • This small drill press is comfortable for long lasting use with accurate results.
  • It has five speeds for versatility. The pulley housing is easily accessible for changing speeds.
  • It drills to the middle of 8inch materials and the 1/2″chuck can handle any large bit.
  • This drill is ideal for any project that needs a big bit but not a bigger press.


  • You need to check the wiring found at the rear and insulate it better.


7. Micro-Mark Drill

This is a precise mini drill press that can be used in labs, electronic stores, jewelry stores or model work. It has a 5 inch x 9 inch table made from cast aluminum and a nice machined surface.

I found that it has a 3 speed belt drive of 2100, 4500 plus 6500 RPM which gives you the choice to pick from any of them depending on what you are working on. It has a ball bearing spindle of 1-¼ inch, a 3 jaw chuck plus key with efficient capacity. It has a sliding gauge that makes inline drilling easier.


  • This small drill press has a sliding gauge used for drilling any in-line holes and a plated column of ¾ inches.
  • It has a calibrated kind of depth control for accurate drilling.
  • You can adjust the distance of the chuck to the table from 0 inches to 6 inches. It has a 110 volt motor.
  • It is good for small, delicate jobs. It has a three speed belt drive plus a three jaw chuck & key.


  • There is no laser sighting included in this drill.


8. WEN 4214 Drill Press

This drill has a variable speed of 580-3200 RPMS. The mechanical speed can deliver equal torque right through the range. I observed that it has an LED read out display which makes your work easier as it is easy to read unlike some others out there that do not even have it at all.

The spindle travel is 3-⅛ inches. It has a linear depth stop which can be locked for precise and repetitive drilling. The quill diameter is 2.17 inches and the 2/3hp induction motor is durable and can develop efficient torque and power.


  • The motor is 120 volts and it has a 60 Hz. Laser module.
  • The stable cast iron work table has a rack and pinion feature with height adjustment and can bevel up to forty-five degrees.
  • The table can move from left to right. It comes with tools for assembly so you do not need to get any additional tools before putting it together.
  • This small drill press has a drill press, excellent variable speed, a laser, work surface roller extension and a ⅝ inch keyed chuck plus key.


  • You cannot make use of it the presence of any flammable liquids or even gases.


9. Shop Fox W1668 Drill

This drill is able to suit your every need right from any small hobby workshops up to professional workshops. I admire the special oscillating models that give you the convenience of a combination of two machines in just half the space which is important if you have a cramped workshop and do not need a large tool to take up more space that you cannot spare.

This drill press offers you unmatched versatility. For the best choice of features, value and performance, you can trust this tool.


  • The motor is 3/4 HP, 110v as well as 1,725 RPM. The spindle speeds range from 250-3050 RPM.
  • This small drill press has a drill chuck of 5/8-inch and a spindle travel of 3-1/4-inch.
  • The swing of this drill is 13-1/4-Inch and it has a three-piece spindle sander.
  • It has a drum kit fitted with a mandrel plus 80 grit-like sanding paper which is used to fit the one inch, one and a half inch and two inch drums.


  • The column is painted and the paint comes off anytime you move your table around so it would have been better if it was bare metal.


10. SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press

This is a ten-inch drill with a powerful 3.2 amp motor that is able to carry out any job you throw at it. I noticed that the laserX2 dual beam gives you the kind of precision you cover. It also has a laser system with a depth adjustment feature.

The variable speeds range from 570-3050 RPM. The table can tilt from zero to forty-five degrees both left and right. The package includes the ten inch drill made with a sturdy cast iron base as well as a strong work table. It has two AA batteries and a chuck key.


  • This small drill press has a keyed chuck of 1/2-Inch plus a bump off switch which increases added safety.
  • It has five speeds: 570-3050 RPM which enable you to pick from whichever one you want at the time.
  • It has a depth stop which can be adjusted for precise measurements as well as repetitive drilling.
  • It has a zero to forty-five degree tilting to the left and right work surface.
  • It has a X2 dual-beam laser that helps with accurate hole alignment.


  • The instructions given are not detailed enough so you would need help to assemble.


If you are an artist, you can make use of your mini drill press whenever you need to make small drills in any item. Many artisanal items crafted from metal, plastic or wood may not be possible to do without the precision of a small drill press.


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