Best Jet Drill Press Review

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Jet drill presses can perform other operations apart from drilling such as reaming, countersinking or counterboring and even tapping big or tiny sized holes. You will find its precision and the kind of depth it gives invaluable. There are many sizes featured in different shapes and lots of specifications to pick from. If you are searching for the perfect one for your projects and jobs, then I recommend that you consider the kind of project first then check out the jet drill presses laid out below.


The Best Jet Drill Press Review

1. Jet 354301 Drill Press

This drill press does not just give you the ability to drill accurate holes over and over again, especially when you have a big workload to take care of, it ensures that they are similar according to your settings. Apart from that, I particularly remember the stability which it gives whatever job you are working on at the time.

It ensures that they are held firmly in place without any issues. The versatility of this jet drill press is also something to rave about as it is a benchmark feature of this industrial drill press which comes in two different inch sizes for you to choose from.


  • This heavy-duty drill press can be used for industrial purposes and it comes with a good oversize table. It is also certified by the csa/cus.
  • Precision, versatility, and stability are the topmost features which it exhibits.
  • It comes in both 17 and 22 inches so you can choose whichever one you prefer.
  • The machine is backed up by a two-year warranty.


  • The depth adjustment may be a little awkward to work with but you can get used to it.


2. Jet 716200 Drill Press

This fifteen-inch drill press for bench top has a spindle that can move about 3-⅛ inches. I was attracted to the strong head which was produced from cast iron alongside a poly v-belt drive feature, this jet drill press was crafted with top lost performance in mind.

It also has a belt tensioning system which can be operated with one hand, leaving your other hand free to do other things pertaining to the job which is carried out on a big 12-1/2 x 17 inch included table.



  • The spindle is able to travel 3-⅛ inches with a revolution of its handle.
  • The big 12-1/2 x 17 inch work table has two t-slot grooves.
  • It has four table slots which are capable enough to accommodate any job.
  • The power switch of this jet drill press has a safety key as well as a big off button crafted in paddle style. The depth stop can make your drilling better and quicker.


  • The end plate made of plastic that houses the on and off switch is fragile and should be handled with care to avoid breaking.


3. Jet JDP-17 Drill Press

This is a 17 inch drill press which is able to give you a total five inch of spindle travel. From the strong head made with cast iron to its poly v-belt drive setting, this drill was made to perform efficiently.

I observed that it has drill a long-lasting LED work light which was built in to give you direct lighting on your job while reducing shadows. A big 14 x 19-inch worktable gives you a lot of support and has an edge which was made for easy clamping. The off button of this jet drill press which has a paddle style design and depth stop can make continuous drilling fast and easy.


  • The spindle can travel a complete five inches with just one turn of its handle.
  • The big 14 x 19 inch accuracy ground table for work has dual T-slot grooves.
  • This jet drill press has four table slots include to accommodate various projects you may want to carry out.
  • Its belt tensioning feature which is one-handed gives you the ability to make rapid speed changes.
  • The power switch of this drill press has a safety key for security.


  • The tilt adjustment feature may begin to give issues after some years of usage, especially with woodworking.


4. JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press

This is a drill press of sixteen and a half inches and comes with an inbuilt 13-¾” table that is capable of tilting both left and right in forty five degrees. I quite fancy the sixteen speeds which go from 200-3,630 rpm. It also has a 3⁄4 horse-like power motor.

This jet drill press was constructed with cast-iron and equipped with quality steel components. The package includes a drill press and chuck as well as a key and you would need a bulb for the light.


  • This is a sixteen and a half inch drill press with a 13-3/4-Inch work table that can tilt up to forty-five degrees left and right.
  • It has sixteen speeds which range from about 200-3,630 rpm and has a ¾ efficient motor.
  • It was produced with cast iron as well as heavy steel components which makes it really sturdy.
  • It has a drill press, a key and a drill chuck included in the package.
  • It weighs about 200 pounds and has a one year limited warranty.


  • There is no bulb for led work light included so you would have to get a bulb yourself.


5. Jet 716000 Drill Press

This drill press is more than powerful enough to handle your hefty jobs and is still portable enough for you to carry it anywhere you want and work. I noticed that this jet drill press has 12 invaluable speeds and has a strong half hp induction motor which can push through almost everything you may throw at it.

It has 3-⅛” spindle travel which guarantees you maximum depth when cutting and the innovative xacta laser which is x-shaped, gives you drilling accuracy and makes this awesome machine an ideal choice on the go, or in your shop.


  • The small table top design lets you transport it easily to wherever you want it.
  • The 10 x 16-⅛” base made from cast iron can fit spectacularly on your work tables that have limited space.
  • The base design is stable and allows for fast re-positioning when being operated on the work bench or table.
  • The effective half hp induction motor of this jet drill press allows for different drilling applications.
  • The variable speed drive has a mechanical system which allows for quick speed changes.


  • After many operations, the motor can overheat and emit some smoke so let it rest between long durations of usage.


6. JET DRILL J-2550 – JET354402

It has a steady cast iron head that is effective enough for your heavy-duty projects. It has a big quill and head casting that allows you great precision for whatever item you need to drill.

I found that the head casting of this jet drill press has a coat of long-lasting lubrication on the ball bearing spindle which allows it to move smoothly and makes your work easier. These ball bearings are then kept in a covered quill which improves durability.


  • It has a large T-slotted operation work table which works with the Model J-2550 only so you cannot hook it up to another kind. It is not universal.
  • The table is capable of tilting up to 45 degrees for jobs which require any sort of bending.
  • It is a twenty-inch floor mounted drill and has a powerful one HP motor.
  • It is not just elegant, it is also powerful and it has a cast iron head and big quill which gives you more accuracy.


  • This is a heavy unit and you will need assistance from one or even two more people to help in assembling it.


7. JET 354170/JDP Drill Press

This 20-inch drill is floor mounted and has a metal belt which is hinged as well as a pulley cover. This jet drill press also has a motor which can be quickly adjusted and lets you change your spindle speeds in no time at all.

I observed that it has an included work light which is invaluable for lighting up whatever project you are working on. The work table can be rotated and can tilt up to 45 degrees. It also has a clamp which is easy to release. The A ½ inch depth stop on the exterior has a 3 nut locking setting which allows you to make fast adjustments.


  • This a twenty-inch drill press which is floor mounted and has an efficient 1.5 hp motor.
  • The table which gives you smooth work, allows you to take up and lower it just at the turn of the crank whenever you need it up or down during operation.
  • It has twelve spindle speeds which range from 150 to 4200 rpm and it also has a ¾” chuck.
  • This jet drill press has a work light which was built in to ensure that your work item is well illuminated during operation.
  • It weighs about 288 pounds and has a two year warranty. It has a key and a drill chuck.


  • After some years of usage, the motor of the drill may begin to overheat or give off a little smoke after operating for a long time.


8. JET J-2550 Drill Press

This jet drill press has a big based, sturdy steel column with a suitable diameter for its massive head. I like the fact that the support table is strong enough for work or home applications and it has a 4-¾” stroke for any deep hole applications that you want to carry out.

It has a precise depth stop for accurate hole depths and a ⅝” chuck and arbor. This powerful drill has a nice cast iron head as well as a big quill for more accuracy. This drill is twenty inches and has a one HP motor as well as tilting table for other tricky operations.



  • It has a strong head made from cast iron and the table can tilt at forty-five degrees.
  • The large quill which it comes with gives it more accuracy and the head casting’s ball bearing spindle is well oiled.
  • The ball bearings are well lubricated and this tool uses four of them in its enclosed quill which grants it longer life.
  • It has a huge T-slotted efficient work table that works on just the model J-2550.


  • This is a really heavy tool and you will need help from one or possibly two more muscular people to assist in assembling it.


9. JET J-2530 Drill Press

This fifteen inch drill press has a 3/4HP motor as well as a tilting table. It is simple but powerful and has a strong cast iron head alongside a large quill which allows for better precision. I noticed that it has sixteen spindle speeds and a 115 volt single phase motor.

The speeds of this jet drill press ensure that you get proper application for different jobs. It gives your work accuracy and the head casting has a ball bearing spindle assembly which is permanently lubricated and has 4 efficient ball bearings kept in the enclosed quill which prolongs its lifespan.


  • It has a strong cast iron head that is hard enough for your heavy duty jobs.
  • It has a big quill and head casting that allows you greater accuracy for whatever job you have on hand.
  • It has a ball bearing that is well lubricated and it has four strong ball bearings which can be found in an enclosed quill and grants it longer life.
  • The table of this press can tilt up to forty five degrees. The big base steel column is good enough for the support you need when you are operating it.


  • If it is possible, you will need to get someone else to assist you in mounting the very heavy head which is made of cast-iron atop the column because you cannot do it alone.



The above list will not fail to deliver whenever they are needed. These presses are made to offer powerful and straightforward drilling power to your shop. With top notch speeds and a variable dial for controlling it, the kind of power and the control they offer ​is crystal clear.


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