Best Heavy Duty Drill Press Review

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A heavy duty drill press is usually referred to as a drilling unit that is made use of in many industries for different purposes. The common use of this machine is actually to bore holes in any hard material. They have a switch, a motor plus variable speed control, a column, the base as well as a pilot feed lever. Throughout these years, however, drill press machines have upgraded completely. Some high technology drills may be complex to make use of but grant increased functionality. It is therefore important imperative to take adequate care of your unit so that it will serve you better. You can then leverage its advantages and operations only if you operate it properly.


The operations listed below are some of the things which can be done efficiently by a heavy duty drill press:

You get more control of your drill speed:
While you are making use of the handheld drill you may be used to, you usually increase or reduce the speed of the drill by applying or releasing the pressure on the trigger and at exactly the same time, you still have to ensure that you do not stray from holding the drill at the particular angle that you need. It is actually more difficult than explained because it is not easy to maintain the constant drill speed that you require while you are still holding your drill at the particular angle you need.

You still have to apply the needed pressure again and combined, it is so much stress plus complications that you can readily avoid by using a drill press. A heavy duty drill press makes use of a fixed handle. The speed of a drill press is controlled by a drive belt which is easily adjustable and found right above the chuck. This makes your entire operation so much easier.

Variable depth applications:
There are some cases that a particular hole depth is needed when drilling instead of totally drilling right through the item. If you are in this situation, you should use the depth stop. The drill press comes along with its depth stop that can be set properly so that your set hole depth will not pass the pre-set area. If different such holes are needed, it will be faster for you to replicate this process with a drill press than making use of the hand held drill.

Drill at a particular angle:
A heavy duty drill press has a table which can be readily adjusted and used to hold the item that you are about to carry out an application on. Some drill presses possess tables that are not just height adjustable, they can also be adjusted to accommodate different angles. Simply clamp the object on your table then tilt it to your wanted angle. When you do this, you can then drill an angular hole.

In the absence of any standard mortising tools such as chisel, a drill press can be made use of to carry out mortising jobs. Some drill presses have mortising attachments that can be made use of to mortise a square plus rectangle right on the item. While different applications may be needed to be carried out to mortise an ideal square or even a rectangle, a heavy duty drill press can carry out this job.

When you cut threads right into the insides of a hole, that process is called tapping. You need to make sure that the tap properly carried out because slight undulations can cause its bolt and screws in item to become crooked then damaged. Tapping that is carried out with a drill press makes sure that your threads are really straight. It is a safer and a better choice than making use of a handheld drill. Now that you know why you should use a drill press, let’s check out the heavy duty drill presses below.


Best Heavy Duty Drill Press Review


1. Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press

This drill is powered by its ¾ HP induction motor and can quickly take up difficult applications. I like the oversized table that has a patented design. It can bevel zero to ninety degrees left & right, can tilt forward zero to forty-eight degrees. It possesses T-slots you can use to clamp plus a removable and replaceable middle insert for drilling through the table. It is precise and user-friendly. It has micro adjustable stops plus an effective depth scale that allows you to zero its scale then set it up for repeated drilling in no time at all. Additionally, this heavy duty drill press has an LED light that illuminates your work surface for better visibility. Its non-tip base made from cast iron gives you maximum stability.


  • It has a belt drive system which auto tensions and lets you quickly change speeds while still increasing the transmission efficiency.
  • The complete six inch quill stroke lets you carry out deeper drilling operations in top notch capacity.
  • The depth stops are micro adjustable and its independent depth scale let’s you zero down the scale then it set up quickly and easily for repeated work.
  • The heavy duty drill press has a twin laser which can be adjusted to projects a red crosshair right on your work item at the area of bit contact.


  • The spindle may twist a little after some years of usage if you are not careful with it.


2. Grizzly G7945 Radial Drill Press

This five speed radial press has a variable swing that is about 34 inches and smart pivoting heads that enable you drill the angles you like. The motor is half HP one-phase 110 volts. I noticed  that the total height is 31-½ inches and the spindle travel is 3-¼ inches. The spindle taper is a JT-33 model and the collar size is 2.160 inches. The drill chuck is 1/64 inches to ⅝ inches. The swing is 34 inches maximum and the cast iron table size is 8-⅝ inches x 9 inches. The taste can swing 360 degrees, tilt ninety degrees both left and right and the package weighs 97 pounds.


  • This bench-top drill is radial and has five speeds with a wide swing.
  • It has pivoting heads which are used to drill at different angles to make your work easier and stress free.
  • It has a versatile motor of 1/2 HP with single-phase 110 volts. The maximum height is 31-½ inches.
  • This heavy duty drill press has a drill chuck of 1/64 inch to ⅝ inch. The total swing is thirty-four inches in total.


  • You will have to do a little adjustment this drill’s rotating head after you lock it right in to its channel to make sure that its table is ninety degrees parallel to your drill bit. You can do this with a little magnetic square.


3. Shop Fox W1848 Floor Drill Press

This drill press has a three piece drum spindle sander kit plus a mandrel as well as an eighty grit sanding paper which fits the one inch, 1-½ inch and two inch drums. I like the fact that this heavy duty drill press has sanding drums too. The package weighs 180 lbs, has a tilting table and a two inch dust port. It has a benchtop version if that’s what you prefer, and comes with the patented oscillating spindle which grants you effective contour sanding.


  • It lets you change from drilling applications to sanding applications in seconds with simple tool-free steps.
  • The motor is 3/4 HP and 110 voltage. The second is 13-¾ inches.
  • The drill chuck is 1/64 inch to ⅝ inch and the arbor is a JT-33 model.
  • This drill has range of speeds of 250-3050 RPM that gives you the freedom to choose.


  • This heavy duty drill press is really heavy so you will need some help to lift it.


4. Shop Fox W1668 Oscillating Drill Press

The table of this drill can swing 360 degrees and it has a two inch dust port in its table. I found that it has sanding drums and an oscillating spindle. It gives you an assortment of settings to accommodate your every need regardless of the demand. This special oscillating unit gives you the strength of dual units in less space and it is really versatile. This drill gives you excellent performance as a result of its features.


  • The motor is 3/4 HP, 110 voltage and 1,725 RPM. The spindle speeds are 250-3050 RPM.
  • The drill chuck is ⅝ inches and the spindle travel is 3-¼ inches.
  • The swing of the drill is 13-¼ inches. It has a three-piece drum kit spindle sander plus a mandrel.
  • A heavy duty drill press has eighty grit sanding paper that is able to fit the one inch, 1-½ inch plus two inch drums.


  • There may be a missing piece which is the cap screw that is for the chuck, but it can be replaced easily.


5. Grizzly G9969 Press

The motor of this drill is one horsepower, 110volts/220volts and one-phase. I noticed that  the swing is forty-five inches, the drill chuck is 1/64 inch to ⅝ inch, the drilling capacity is 1-¼ inch in steel and spindle taper travel is 3-¼ inches. This drill was constructed for workshops that make use of both wood and metal for their projects. The head can swivel 360 degrees then tilts forty-five degrees left and right. It allows you to drill right in the centre of a forty-five inch round diameter piece. The spindle allows you to bring it close to its column with the aid of the swivel post. The slots in the table let you make use of different clamps. It has 12 speeds (200-3000 rpm), a quill diameter of 2.950 inches, main column diameter of  5 inch, total distance of spindle to base is 36 inches and the base size is18-½ inches x 39-½ inches.


  • Efficiently engineered, this drill works well on both wood and metal with demanding needs.
  • The swing of a heavy duty drill press is forty-five inches and it lets you drill right in the centre of a forty-five diameter round item. You can bring the spindle close to its column.
  • The head swivel of this drill is 360 degrees, the head tilt is forty-five degrees.
  • The T slots are ⅝ inches wide and the total height is 51 inches. The package weighs 525 lbs.


  • The vertical travel of this drill may be too short for a few applications you will need to do.


6. Grizzly G7943 Drill Press

The collar size of this drill is 2.595 inches. It has an accurate cast iron table and I like the fact that the table swing is 360 degrees and the table can tilt ninety degrees left & right. The total height is 38 inches and 154 pounds. This drill combines both its features plus dependability to give you a drill press with excellent performance. It has a bright built-in light for clarity.


  • A heavy duty drill press has an built-in light that helps to make your work more visible.
  • The motor is 3/4 HP, 110 volt and one phase.
  • The swing is 14 inches and the drill chuck is 1/64 inches to ⅝ inches.
  • This drill has the features plus reliability of industrial grade presses.


  • Its table does not holes which are used to mount items and the T slot channels could be smoother.
  • The three plunge handles of this drill may be too long and can interfere a little with your accessory table so you may need to shorten them.


A heavy duty drill press is able to carry out different drilling oriented applications with the same amount of precision that the other drilling units may not offer. They are easy to operate, require less input, have lots of versatility and power plus ample functionality. A drill press is a really vital equipment you really should consider using in your workshop.



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