Best floor drill press -Floor standing drill press

If you require an efficient floor standing drill press in your workshop, a drill press that can tackle large projects easily, and also comes with a variety of accessories, then a floor drill press is ideal for your needs. The best floor presses outlined below gives you not just the power, but the speed and ability to tackle both small scale and large scale jobs. Let’s check out the best floor drill presses on the market.

Best floor drill press -Floor standing drill press


SHOP FOX W1680 Drill

This drill press has a fourteen inch diameter table that is not only tiltable, but allows you drilling angles of zero to ninety degrees.

I like the fact that the table can be well adjusted to the particular height you want, the way you want it to rotate and even to various angles for different applications during jobs. With a 31-½” total drilling depth right from its chuck to the table, this drill can give you unmatched versatility.



  • The motor size of this floor drill press is one HP/1,720 RPM and the voltage is 110 volts. It has a toggle type switch.
  • The light socket is inbuilt and the total height is 65-1/2-inches. The spindle travel is 3-¼”.
  • It has a number of speed of 12, a 5/8-inch drill chuck and an MT#3 spindle taper.
  • The range of speeds of this drill is from 140-3,050 RPM. The swing is 17-inches and it has a drilling capacity of one inch.


  • Its depth stop adjustment feature is not really cast right into the head of your drill and this isn’t apparent in pictures.


Delta 18-900L Drill

This drill is not just precise, it is user friendly. It has depth stops that are micro adjustable and a depth scale which is independent and lets you zero down the scale and then set it up for non stop drilling in a matter of seconds.

I found that it has a bright LED light that illuminates your work area for visibility. The non-tip base made of cast iron gives you total stability. Its TWINLASER is fully adjustable and can project a red crosshair on your work item for accuracy.



  • The automatic tensioning belt drive feature of this floor drill press makes for quick and simple speed changes.
  • It has a complete six inch quill stroke that enables deeper drilling during operation.
  • The depth stops are micro adjustable and the independent depth scale can allow you to zero its scale then set up for continuous drilling.
  • It comes with a 5 year warranty and is able to maximize transmission efficiency.


  • After some years of use, the drive spindle may be a little difficult and may break bits when you clamp down.


JET 354170 Drill Press

This 20 inch floor standing drill press has a hinged belt and pulley cover made of metal which is coupled with a fast adjustment motor mount that lets you rapidly change the spindle speeds.

The table can be rotated and can also tilt forty-five degrees. The quick release clamp is what I like about it. A ½ inch depth stop on the exterior with a 3 nut locking system makes any fast adjustments possible.


  • The twenty inch drill has a well engineered 1.5 hp motor.
  • The smooth traveling table can raise then lower at just a turn of the crank to where you want it.
  • It has twelve spindle speeds that range from 150 up to 4200 rpm plus a 3/4-inch chuck.
  • It has an onboard work light for illumination and an included chuck and key.
  • It weighs 288 pounds and comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Its depth stop adjustment feature may not be cast right into its head and this isn’t shown in the pictures.


JET JDP-17MF Drill

This efficient drill has a 13-¾” table that can tilt forty-five degrees both left and right. I like the fact that it possesses 16 speeds all the way from 200-3,630 rpm for versatility and the 3/4-horsepower motor is able to take almost any job you throw at it for as long as you want.

The bulb for your work light is not part of the package so you have to get that. With its integrated cast-iron engineering and quality steel components, this drill works perfectly.


  • This is a sixteen and half inch floor standing drill press big enough for any drilling application.
  • It has sixteen speeds right from 200-3,630 rpm so you have the freedom to choose whichever one you desire.
  • This package has a drill press and a chuck and key and it has a one year limited warranty.
  • The bulb which is for the work light is not included. It weighs 200 pounds.


  • The chuck may have a little wobble to it, but after cleaning the spindle right on a lathe then honing the socket, it works better.


WEN 4227 Drill Press

The frame and base made from cast iron gives this floor standing drill press a more than hefty support feature to stop it from moving or even vibrating during usage. I noticed the seventeen inch, thirteen amp, 12 speed features that just make your project a breeze.

It comes with a 2-year warranty as well as nationwide, expert technicians plus a customer service team that are ready to help you use the drill for your smooth strokes.




  • The 4-¾” spindle travel makes your drilling right through any 4×4 boards quicker than any so called best floor drill press.
  • The 3 spindle design gives you 12 speeds right from 180 up to 2940 RPM.
  • It has a precision laser as well as a chuck of 5/8 inch, an inbuilt key storage plus a 2-year warranty.
  • The 14 by 14 cast iron table can pivot up to forty five degrees in opposite directions.
  • The range of speeds of this drill can accommodates not just metal but hard and softwood, plus plastic and more.


  • Aiming the lasers on a job may be way more trouble than is actually worth the effort.


JET J-2500 Drill Press

The big base of this drill is as strong as its column made of steel and gives you complete support for whatever job you are carrying out.
I noticed that it has a 3-⅛” stroke used for any deep hole applications. The precise depth stop gives you accurate hole depths.

It also has a chuck and arbor of 5/8-inch. It boasts of a strong 3/4HP motor as well as a tilting table. Elegant yet powerful, this floor model drill press possesses a head of cast iron and a bigger quill which gives you more accuracy.


  • It has a cast iron head and a big quill that enables greater accuracy.
  • The head casting has a well lubricated ball bearing for good spindle assembly.
  • It makes use of 4 strong ball bearings that are mounted in a closed quill for long lasting life.
  • The table can tilt forty-five degrees and it has a big base column made of steel for total table and head support.


  • The transmission design of this drill may make it a bit hard to cut down on vibration.

Klutch Drill Press – 3/4 HP

The swing of this floor model drill press inputs versatility right into it. With its fortyfive degree table tilt feature, it gives you a variety of drilling angles to work with. I particularly like the depth it gives with the ball knob handle which makes for precise adjustments which stay accurate when you drill. hole after hole.

The worktable is roomy with a 3/8inch diameter. It has an onboard chuck key storage that keeps your chuck close to you and easy to reach. It has a gooseneck shaped LED light that illuminates your work item.


  • It has a chuck capacity of ⅝ inches with one inch total drilling capacity.
  • It has 3 ¼ inches of vertical stroke as well as a 13 inch swing which adds versatility.
  • The forty-five degree table tilt gives you a wide array of drilling angles.
  • It has a depth lock as well as a ball knob handle that gives you accurate adjustments which stay true, job after job.


  • You may need to add a cross-vise instead of bolting it to your floor if you want a small mill.


Powermatic PM2800B Drill

This floor model drill press brings efficiency and simplicity to your workshop because it possesses an ease of use which is just unique. The kind of mechanical elegance this drill has can only be found with this powermatic.

This drill is able to push past any limit of durability, design or innovation. I found that the mechanical variable speed can allow for complete range of speeds even without any belt changes.




  • It can do six inches of fast quill travel with just one turn of its handle.
  • The fence system can be adjusted for an ideal ninety degree alignment to your table, for quick arrangement of stock.
  • The material stop which is adjustable allows repetitive actions to be precise and fast.
  • The digital RPM readout usually allows you to raise your spindle speed to match the application.


  • After some years of usage and usage for a long time without rest, the drill can become hot because of friction from its belts or pulleys.

WEN 4225 Drill Press

This fifteen inch, 8.6 Amp floor model drill press with variable speeds meets the needs of not just home but professional users. I observed that this drill has a complete 4 inches of stroke ability which lets you drill through any materials that are up to about four inches thick.

Added to it is a big spindle travel which makes drilling any holes through your 4×4 boards quite easy. You can take control of its variable speeds and adjust from 1000 to 280 RPM. Simply turn the lever, or just make a fast belt adjustment if you want the variable speed that goes down from 1000 up to 3300 RPM.



  • The four inch stroke usually makes drilling through any 4×4 boards really easy.
  • You are able to adjust its variable speed right from 280 RPM up to 3300 RPM.
  • It has an inbuilt work light for illumination, an accurate laser and a 1/16 up to 5/8 inch chuck.
  • It has an inbuilt chuck key storage as well as a 12 by 12 inch work table made of cast iron which can pivot up to forty-five degrees in opposite directions.


  • The directions are not self explanatory so you may need help assembling the drill.


ShopSeries RK7033 Drill Press

This 6.2amp drill press brings top notch construction and design to your workshop for whatever project you are working on. It was designed to last. Its reliability as well as the accurate and innovative systems are combined to aid you in finishing your jobs with not just speed, but also quality.

From DIY-ers down to homeowners, this drill will get your project done well. I noticed that it is quite effective for any repetitive precision cutting that you need to make in materials like wood, plastic or metal.


  • It has a strong work table made from cast iron that bevels right up to about 45 degrees both left and right.
  • It has five operating speeds that range down from 620 up to 3100 rpm.
  • It has a drill chuck of 1/2 ̋ that allows you to use it for metal drill bits as well as woodworking. It also has a shank of ½ inches.
  • It has a two year limited warranty that protects your items against defects in the materials or workmanship.


  • This floor model drill press may be easy to assemble the drill if you have some experience because the included directions are not really helpful.


I hope that with this floor drill press review which has focused on giving you important information needed to make a good choice, as well as a well researched list of the best kinds on the market, that you will be able to make an informed decision on the best floor drill press to get.




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