Best drill press stands -The pillar drill stands you can rely on

Firstly, why get a drill press stand?

The drill press stand is a fully portable accessory that transforms your regular drill to a drill press for your drilling tasks. Be it on your workshop bench, against any wall, or anywhere else. The pillar drill stand ensures that even with a regular drilling device your drills and screws are crooked and botched. Thanks to the channels which center it and make sure that it drills nothing but the perfect holes you want. If you need to do an angled drilling too, you will find that you do not have any issues with this accessory.

They have levers that you can use to adjust your drill in 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° which means that you can then drill any holes you want in a slight slope and a standard forty-five degree slope without pain. The tool holder which has rotary features can help to hold your tools at ninety degrees horizontally. With the help of this feature, you can simply grind metal and even wood into various shapes, then polish or buff.

Another good thing is that with a drill press stand accessory, one your tool is turned on, your hands will be completely free to control your application on whatever job you want it to carry out. The drill press stands also come with flex shaft tools that allow you to adjust the drill you are using telescopically from sixteen to twenty nine inches high and this is a good range for any drill stand. The crow’s nest can be used to store any small tools like your drill bits or wrenches.

It is really important for storing all the pieces that you will use whenever you are working in an organized manner so you can easily find things when you need them. You will also find that table or workbench can end up being less scattered when you use this feature. The metal rack found on these pillar drill stands have loaded springs which allow you to constantly drill things in a smooth and totally controllable way . You can even lock your tools in the horizontal position which then leaves your hands unoccupied to work on your job effectively.


Best drill press stands -The pillar drills stand you can rely on.

1. Lukcase Press Stand Table

This efficient drill stand is made for making use of with your power drills that have a collar diameter of thirty eight millimeter to forty three millimeter – 1.48 inches to 1.7 inches. I observed that with this stand you can drill at any surface, drill round work items and work on boards concise precision and no additional problems. It even saves cost if you do not want to buy a full drill press. This drill press stand has every important feature you will expect to find in a fully sized stand.



  • It has different adjustments which can be used to limit the depth of the press and the drill height which will then allow you to change the position of the drill with little risk of drilling right onto the stand.
  • The collar of the drill can be suitably adjusted to fit different kinds of tools and its stand can be supplied with three sizes of collar inserts which can suit any kind of smaller drill.
  • This drill stand has a strong metal column bar as well as a sturdy base accompanied with slots used to fit in your machine vice. It also has four clamping points which are used for mounting on firmly onto your workbench.
  • It has a depth adjustment scale as well as a stop with a scale ring that can be adjusted for setting the drill depth precisely, down to the least millimeter.
  • It has mounting holes, a depth gauge, an allen key plus holder which is used for adjustment and a plastic collar insert.


  • The column tube may be flimsy for any weight hand held drill with weights of that of the DeWalt 8.5. And too much pressure on the drill being made use of can result in the forward to backwards deflection of your drill bit to ⅛ inches.


2. AMYAMY Drill Press

This drill stand is an important tool if you use an electric drill or even an electric grinder. I found that you can use this stand fix your electric drill or grinder and you will have no need to use a benchtop when you make use of it.  It comes with three adapter sleeves which make it easy for you to fix in your electric grinder or drill. If your drill is slightly smaller than it, then you can cut up a piece of any available rubber mat  or cardboard, whichever one you have. But if your drill is bigger than its jaws or more than forty four millimeters, then this table is not suitable for you.


  • It can be totable from 0 to 90 Degrees to drill any slant holes. It has a copper plug readjustment feature which is used to confirm its precision. It is durable.
  • It has an accurate graduation feature, a transparent pointer as well as a spacing function.
  • The clamping range of this pillar drill stand is 44 millimeter and after being adjusted it can be from 27.5 millimeters to 43.6 millimeters and there are five effective adapter sleeves which are really easy to add your electric grinder or drill.
  • The working stroke of this stand is sixty millimeters and the downstroke is the same measurement as well.
  • It has a bottom bracket made of cast iron, not aluminum. It also has four clamping points which assist in holding your work items securely.


  • If you do not place the peeling sticker well, it may fail to mark any increments in depth.


3. YaeTek Multifunctional Drill Stand

This is an efficient drill stand which can be adjusted to your taste and it is ideal for your workshop or even your home use. I noticed that it has an aluminum alloy base which makes for a sturdy column bar which is really durable and long lasting. It was made to be used with any electric drills that have a collar diameter of thirty eight to forty three millimeter which is 1.7 inches or 1.5 inches. It also comes along with a black plastic ring which can enable better fixes. The drilling depth can be up to about sixty millimeter or 2.4 inches and it has a single hole used for mounting. This pillar drill stand is great for holding the drill when you are operating it and gives you accurate drilling than when you hold it with just your hands. The package has one set of the drill stand and you will need to assemble a little. The materials are aluminum alloy and steel and it has a chuck diameter of 38 millimeter to 43 millimeter. 


  • This stand was made with an aluminum alloy base that has a solid column bar.
  • It is made for use with your electric drills that have a collar diameter of size 38 to 43 millimeter.
  • Drilling depth is about 60mm and it one hole for mounting.
  • This drill stand is great for keeping your drill stable during use and allows more accuracy than hand held operation.
  • You will need to assemble and it does not include the electric drill.


  • A lighter spring can allow you more control over your projects.


4. Multifunction Adjustable Press Stand

This drill press stand is made to be used with any handheld electric powered drills that have a collar diameter of forty-three millimeters. I noticed that it is made from good grade aluminum which is strong enough to support you and your drill whenever you are working on an item or material. The thickness of the base is 2.2 centimeter or 0.9 inches. The diameter of the drilling collar is 42 millimeter or 1.6 inches. You can keep it on your desk or work table or bench. The adjustment range is 6cm and it has mounting holes, a depth gauge, and a plastic collar insert.


  • It has an accurate and durable spindle made of metal as well as an aluminum base which gives you a more stable and precise job than the hand operation you may have been using.
  • It has an adjustable height that lets you center your item properly then lower your drill straight down with an adjustment range of 60cm.
  • It has a collar insert made of plastic, a depth gauge as well as mounting holes which are for adjustment
  • Its FL range is zero to ninety degrees and it allows you to rotate it when you want to drill any slant holes.


  • The stop collar makes use of an inset nut which is inside its plastic collar which may strip its hole quickly when you are tightening down so you can remove the bolt then use two star knobs that have a three inch bolt attached to it with a female end then crank both of them together.


5. Ogrmar Drill Stand

This pillar drill stand has a plug readjustment made of copper which is used to confirm its precision. It is really durable. It has an accuracy graduation, a transparent pointer and a spacing feature. I like the fact that the base weighs just 4.2lb so it is easy to carry.

The jaws specifications are 38-43mm and it has an adapter sleeve of 38-43mm. If your drill is slightly smaller than the drill press table, you can cut out some pieces of cardboard you have or even a rubber mat to adjust it. But when your drill is bigger than its jaws get another one.


  • It can be rotated 0°- 90° when you want to drill any slant shaped hole.
    The bottom bracket is made of iron.
  • The minimum to maximum clamp is 38-43mm and the major rod is 25×400 millimeter.
  • The specifications of the jaws are 38-43 millimeter and it comes with an adapter sleeve which can take 38-43 millimeter.
  • The trip of this stand is sixty millimeter and is very good for jobs that take a long time to finish.


  • Although it may be a bit inconvenient, you can change your settings (the hex screws) because it proves to be very solid once you set it up.


6. Universal Drill Stand

You can make use of this pillar drill stand for any hobby work you want to carry out. If you have a workshop or you need to make small repairs to items, model makers or if you do woodwork or repair jewellery, you can make use of it. You can use it at home or in a small factory. I noticed that the base material is made from aluminum cranks which is the same as the column. The package has one base, one column bar, one rocker,one lower  limit sleeve which is fixed, two plastic fixed sleeves which can be adjusted and one hex wrench of 5mm.



  • It is made for use with your power drills that have a collar diameter of forty three or thirty eight millimeter.
  • The drilling depth of this stand is 60mm and has two holes for your mounting.
  • It is universal and adjustable, which is ideal for your workshop or your home use.
  • This stand has a strong column bar as well as a and firm base that has slots used to fit your machine vice.
  • This drill stand is good for keeping your drill stable and gives you better precision than hand held operations.


  • While its lock is stationed at zero there will be no more room to rotate its assembly.

The drill press stands usually have about four bumper pads found at its base which can resist any form of moving around whenever you want to drill something against an angled surface or even a wall. You can even mount the above pillar drill stands onto any base you already own so that it can be used as a table or bench top drill dress.


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