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If you are looking for the best drill press out there for your job, there are different factors that you will have to think about as you look out for the ideal one. It doesn’t matter if you are simply a homeowner or even a woodworker that is looking to set up any permanent fixture. You could be a contractor that needs to be ready to lug your tools along to a worksite and with the drills laid out below, you will find a solution for different projects and usage. There are lots of choices below that give you the power that you need for various construction projects when you need them. Let’s check out the best drill presses below.

The best drill press roundup

1. Grizzly G7945 Drill Press

This versatile drill has a JT-33 spindle taper. It has five speeds, giving you the choice to pick from anyone that suits the particular job you’re doing at the time. I observed that it has a collar sized 2.160 inch accurate ground cast iron head. The motor is a strong single phase kind with 110 volts. The maximum height is 31-½ iches and the spindle travel is 3-¼ inch. The table size is 8-⅝ inch x 9 inch. The table rivals the best drill presses out there as it swings 360 degrees and tilts ninety degrees both left and right. It weighs 97 pounds in total.


  • This five speed table top radial drill has a variable swing of 34 inches.
  • It has pivoting heads which are used for drilling any material at any angle.
  • The motor is ½ horsepower with 110 volts.
  • The total height is 31-1/2-Inch and the drill chuck is 160-Inch.
  • The swing of the drill is thirty four inches maximum.


  • You may need to carry out a little adjustment to its rotating head right after you lock it in to its channel to make sure that the table is ninety degrees.


2. Hougen HMD904 Drill

This drill possesses annular cutters. This series is not just fast as a result of the high powered motor, it also gives you accurate drilling without any flimsy movement.

Part of the body is made of durable steel which stands the test of time. The copperhead and steel carbide cutters can be gotten in one inch and two inch depth of cut with diameters of 1-1/2”.

Like the best drill presses on the market, it comes with a pilot light which illuminates your work when there’s no light.


  • It has a dual stage magnet which gives you a thirty percent power increase whenever you turn the motor on.
  • The slot drive arbor gives you increased accuracy when drilling.
  • The drill makes it easy for you to make fast accessory changes.
  • The package includes a carrying case and a full pint of coolant which helps you carry it about and keeps the temperature low. It also has a safety chain plus hex wrenches.


  • The electromagnet circuitry may begin to wobble after some years of usage.


3. Jancy Magforce Drill

This is one of the best drill presses on the market as it gives you versatility, dependability and safety. I noticed that it is designed to be made use of in close drilling like between any beam flanges or in situations of height restrictions.

It gives you safety shields plus a smart magnet circuitry which does not let the motor to come on in any unsafe magnetic conditions. It will shut down the motor in an unlikely event of the drill moving away from the work item.


  • It has a 120 volt, 10.2 amp plus 1.6 horsepower of 1200 watt with a motor that weighs 27 lb.
  • It has a 1-⅝ inch total cutting diameter plus two inches of total cutting depth.
  • It has an 1810 lb. deadlift plus a 1096 lb. point breakaway which is on one-inch thick steel.
  • The stationary motor makes sure that the height remains the same during operation.
  • It has magnetic field detection as well as an integrated chip guard. It also has a safety strap which assists in creating safe working experiences.


  • The model with the aluminum feed handle is feeble but the updated version with the steel handles are better.


4. Steel Dragon MD13 Drill

This drill has a half inch total boring diameter as well as 1,910 lbs. of powerful magnetic force which is used to make sure that it will not move unnecessarily during usage which is what I like about it.

Rivaling the best drill presses, it will attach to whatever metal surface to help drill holes not just quickly but safely. It is secure and gives you increased leverage than any hand drill which lets you cut consistent holes. Additionally, it allows you to operate it upside down.


  • It is ideal for drilling on different metal surfaces.
  • It has a motor of 650 watts, 110 volts, and 50/60 Hz. The magnetic force is 1,910 lbs.
  • The total boring diameter is half an inch which is thirteen millimeters. The total boring depth is 5-1/2 inches which is 140 mm.
  • Unlike some of the best drill presses on the market, this one had a tool holder and a screw type of chuck. It also has a weldon shank adapter.


  • You cannot make use of it in the presence of any flammable gas.


5. WEN 4214 Drill Press

The variable speed of this drill ranges right from 580 to 3200 RPMS. I found that the variable speed gives you equal torque from the top to the bottom of the range.

It has an easy to read LED display and a spindle travel of 3-⅛ inch. It has a depth stop which locks for precise and repeated drilling usage. The table made from cast iron has a rack and pinion length adjustment and can even level up to about forty-five degrees in both directions for your easy usage.


  • How many of the best drill presses have a quill diameter of extra 2.17 inches? The strong 2/3hp motor of this drill gives you enough torque and power.
  • The motor is 120 volts with a 60 Hz. Laser.
  • The package has a drill press with variable speed, a precise laser plus table roller extension.
  • It has a ⅝ inch keyed chuck plus key and tools for assembly.
  • The height of the drill press from the floor straight to the top is 37 inches.


  • This drill cannot be placed on a table but on the floor.


6. ShopSeries RK7033 Drill

This drill has a really superior design and construction which was designed to last. It is not just precise, it is reliable and easy to use.

I like the fact that the innovative features come together to help you in finishing your job with not just speed but also quality. Right from hobbyists to homeowners, this drill can get your projects done on time. It has a two-year limited warranty that protects against any defects in the materials or workmanship.


  • This is one the best drill presses out there as it has a strong 6.2 amp motor which is great for continuous and accurate cutting in items like metal, wood as well as plastic.
  • The long-lasting cast iron table can bevel up to about forty-five degrees both left and right.
  • It has 5 operating speeds that allows you to choose from about 620 to 3100 rpm.
  • It has a half inch drill chuck that allows you to drill wood and even metal bits with its half inch shank.


  • The drill is simple to assemble if you know how to do it but if you can’t, the directions may not be helpful.


7. Delta 18-900L Drill Press

It has an automatic tensioning belt drive feature that allows for quick and simple speed changes that still maximizes its transmission efficiency. I found that it has a complete six-inch quill stroke unlike some so-called best drill presses online and it allows you to make deeper drilling operations and functions in an optimum capacity. It has a twin laser that projects a really bright red crosshair light on your work item right at the exact point of item contact.


  • It has a depth stop that is micro-adjustable and its depth scale is independent which allows you to zero out the scale.
  • It can be set up easily for quick and continuous drilling.
  • It has a twin laser that is fully adjustable and makes your operations easier.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty when compared to the best drill presses out there and the table insert is 3.75 – 3.75 – 0.75.


  • The drive spindle of this drill may be quite far out of alignment that it may break the bit if it clamps down too hard on it.


8. Shop Fox W1848 Drill Press

This is an oscillating drill press that has a patented spindle for effective contour sanding. I like the fact that with this drill, you can change from drilling any material to sanding operations simply in a matter of seconds and you do not need any tools to do so. It is fast, safe and reliable. Able to carry out your job with the utmost quietness. If you need the best drill press, this one is worth your consideration.


  • The 3/4 HP motor is long-lasting and effective.
  • It has 110 volts with a swing of 13-¾ inch.
  • It has a drill chuck of 1/64inches-5/8inches and a JT-33
  • This drill has the following speeds: 250-3050 RPM.


  • This drill may be too big to place on a regular table so you need another surface.


9. Evolution EVOMAG28 Drill

This drill has about 1-⅛”-2 inches capacity. It possesses an effective magnetic power which is able to last for as long as you need it when compared to other so-called best drill presses. I observed that it has a chuck and adaptor which is used for twist drills that are up to about half inch diameter. It has two handles, right and left on the side. It has an included coolant system that checks to overheat.


  • This is one of the drill presses that has a length stroke of 6 inches. It has efficient magnetic holding power.
  • It has a coolant system that was integrated in the system.
  • It has left and right handles. 7/16 inch to 1-⅛ inch cutting diameter.
  • It has 2 inches depth of cut. It was constructed with high-quality materials.


  • After some time of usage, you may have some eccentricity issues with your arbor shaft.


10. WEN 4210T Drill Press

This is an innovative tool which is one of the best drill presses out there that is focused on giving you value with the meaningful features which assist you with your drilling jobs completely and enable you to enjoy your work all day long.

With its laser precision, you will be able to drill many holes in no time. I noticed that it has a cast iron worktable that has a rack & pinion setting height adjustment. It can bevel up to forty-five degrees both left & right.


  • The package contains a drill press, 1mW laser, half-inch chuck & key as well as tools for assembly.
  • You can change from five speeds. 600-3100 RPM.
  • It has a spindle travel of about 2-1/2” which is easy to read. It also has a linear depth stop which can lock and give you precise accurate and continuous drilling operations.
  • The strong 3.2-amp motor is able to give you enough torque and power.


  • This drill cannot be used with any flammable substance around it in your workshop.

The best drill presses out there give you an effective and straightforward way to drill in your workshop. With multiple speeds and variable speed dial, power and control radiating from the above drill presses are commendable.


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