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If you are searching for a nice drill press laser, you have come to the right place. When you are carrying out woodworking, your lighting arrangement really plays a very important role. If you install a simple LED light right on the drill press you have, it can greatly compensate for low visibility when you are working with your drill in a place where there is poor light condition. With just a fast and affordable modification, you are able to illuminate the spindle with ease. The light below is great for DIYers or professionals.

Some Features and merits of drill press lasers

Thumb Screw Installation:
Some drill press lights come along with 3 thumb screws that have rubber tips which means that in a minute or two you would be done installing it on your drill press.

Manual Power Source:
The light is usually powered from the source closest to it. This means that you simply do not have to bother about buying batteries.

No More Shadows:
There are lasers with fourteen LED lights plus a corded switch which is able to be fixed with the use of a magnet. They have circular rings that can fit your drill press quills with different diameters. The drill press usually projects shadows whenever you move the quill so if you mount a light ring, it follows your drill press along with the quill and gives you constant light support.

Installing a drill press laser -what you need to know

  1. Tools you will need
  2. Adjustable wrench
  3. Drill & metal bits
  4. Pliers
  5. Solder iron and solder
  6. Benchtop belt sander
  7. Wire cutter
  8. Hot Glue gun
  9. Dremel
  10. Tip
  11. Heat gun

Getting started…

  • Decide on where you require the light to come from, which is usually the left side because the handles are found on the right.
  • Drill a hole right in its top housing. You can drill a twelve-millimeter hole so you can screw in its loc-line connector. If you don’t have 12-millimeter bolts, you can make use of epoxy putty to be able to fasten it to its housing.
  • Pull the two electrical wires right through your Loc-line. Pick where you will keep your power supply. It can be kept in the upper housing.
  • Loosen the on and off switch of the drill press laser then open up its housing. You will tap some current from there. Isolate the wires then make sure that they do not touch any moving parts. Run your wires to your power supply.
  • Solder or connect your wires from your Loc-line to your power supply.
  • Solder or connect your wires to the AC input side of your power supply.
  • Then run a really short test to ensure that the output is making use of a multimeter.
  • Connect your LED fitting to your wires ensuring you are aware of which is + positive and which is – negative.
  • Epoxy or simply glue your LED-light fitting right to your Loc-line.


Let’s check out the best drill press laser below.

Drill Press LED Light

This light is made out of glass and the power source is manual. I like the fact that it does not require batteries so there are no batteries included. It is great for bench top drill presses and can illuminate the spots around your work area.

The design is appealing and it works without hard to brighten every spot without shadows. It does a wonderful job on free standing drill presses too and you can use it to see what you are doing clearly.

Apart from working properly, this light attaches to the drill very well even if there is high vibration while it lights up the entire area. This smart invention gives no shadows during operation and you just need about two minutes to install it. It is an ideal drill press accessory for your machine. It works excellently and improves your vision. You can tighten its thumb screws as tight as you can, even by hand and it will function properly.

You can get this drill press laser to mount right on to the quill of even a milling machine. If the inner diameter of the ring is bigger than the quill, there is no problem because it is still easy to mount. As soon as you turn on this light you will be a bit overwhelmed by the intensity. Its lumen output is really high. You can even hook it up to a higher DV volt supply to increase the brightness if you want or take it apart if you can replace the LED’s. The ring is positioned in such  a way that it does not block your view of whatever operation you are doing at the time. This light will not gather dust on your drill, it will be useful for as long as you need it. All you have to do is mount it appropriately and it will give you increased illumination for your unit.


  • With this LED Drill light, you are able to get a constantly bright light source which is able to go wherever place you take your quill to when you are operating the drill press.
  • With this light, shadows on the work item are eliminated. It allows you to install it easily in some minutes.
  • This drill press laser is easy to mount with its three thumbscrews that have rubber tips.
  • This light ring possesses fourteen LED lights that are positioned right in the interior of the ring.
  • It has a corded switch plus strong magnets that are fixed to its rear.
  • It is powered by the aid of a wall transformer that is included.
  • It can fit drills that have quill diameter sizes of 1-⅝ inches to 3-⅞ inches.


  • If you are not careful with the casing, it may break after a long while of usage and this means that it won’t be able to stay in place.
  • Replacing the LEDs can be stressful if you want to do it yourself.


Overall, the above drill press laser is easy to install and possesses fourteen LED lights to illuminate your work. It has a corded switch which allows for easy control as well as a manual power source.


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