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Are you searching for the best drill press for metal? If your work, present project or hobby requires a metal drill press to make it easier then you have come to the right place. After extensive research, we came up with the list below to give you an idea of the best models out there and their different features to help you make an informed decision.

Best Drill Press For Metal Review

1. SHOP FOX W1680 Floor Model Press

This drill has a chuck guard which assists in protecting you from any unintentional contact with the moving parts and flying debris. I observed that the loaded spring guard simply flips out of your way for quick tool changes. Its paddle switch gives you a larger degree of safety even over other kinds of on and off switches because of its oversized paddle plus included lock-out key. All you need to turn off this best drill press for metal is slap down the paddle to turn off the power.


  • The precise table of this metal drill press is made from cast iron and the table size is 14 inches in diameter.
  • The package weighs 200 lbs and has an inbuilt 110 volt light socket.
  • The motor size is 1 horsepower and 1,720 RPM. It has a toggle type switch.
  • The spindle can travel up to 3-¼ inches and it can take a drill chuck of 5/8-inches.


  • The exact colour of this drill press is not really the same colour you can see in the picture because it is beige and not white.


2. Klutch Floor Mount Press

This is the ideal choice for drilling holes in metal and even wood. This metal drill press combines power, precision, and versatility into its strong floor mount base. I noticed that has an efficient ¾ horsepower, 120-volt motor plus sixteen speeds that give you 260-3,410 RPM.

The vertical stroke is 3 ¼. The L x W x H measurements in inches are 22 7/8 x 13 x 62 ¼. Its chuck size is ⅝ inches, and the drilling capacity is 11 ⅜” diameter. It has a gooseneck LED light.


  • The swing is thirteen inches and the speed is RPM 260-3,410. It has sixteen speeds.
  • The chuck capacity is ⅝ inches, the total drilling capacity is 3 ¼ inches and the vertical stroke is 13 inches. The swing inputs versatility to your work.
  • The forty-five degrees table tilt gives you different drilling angles.
  • The depth lock has a ball knob handle for exact adjustments which stay precise, hole after hole.
  • This metal drill press has an inbuilt chuck key storage that keeps your chuck close to you and easy to reach.


  • The knobs of the drill are made with plastic but you can change them to aluminum.


3. Jet 354301 IDP-22 Drill Press

This drill press is accurate, stable and extremely versatile. I like the fact that it comes in both 17 and 22 inches, giving you the freedom to choose. This efficient industrial drill press comes with the standard, oversized tables and they are also CSA/cus certified. This metal drill press also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • The benchmark features that these drill showcases are precision, versatility, and stability.
  • It comes with an oversized table that allows your operation to go on smoothly.
  • It is csa/cus certified and comes in both 17 and 22 inches.
  • It comes with a two year warranty.


  • It is really heavy and you will need assistance from one or two strong people when assembling.


4. NOVA 58000 Drill

This is an 18 inch metal drill press that imbibes the best features of presses out there with superb technology which makes your job safe, efficient and fun. It is really versatile and can handle not just metal, but wood, plastic and glass which makes it across functional machine. It has customized DVR application which is made to use sensors to give you ultimate safety plus preventive maintenance features.


  • This is a precise drill with tight tolerances, excellent bearings plus split head casings which all gives you a sturdy bedrock of accuracy.
  • It has digital variable reluctance which is a motor with switch reluctance that has a special electronic control.
  • The control uses a microprocessor to monitor the motor and environmental conditions constantly then adjust its power to suit.
  • It has a 50-5500rpm speed, eighteen inches swing, nine inches from the spindle center to its column plus a 6 inch quill stroke and 2MT quill taper.
  • It has a mechanical depth stop, a quill depth with digital readout plus control and a dial knob for exact speed adjustment both forward and reverse.


  • It is quite tough to get the head of the drill to the top of its column because of the weight. You can glue back the peeling labels with glue.


5. JET 354170/JDP-20MF Drill

This is a twenty-inch drill press that has a hinged metal belt plus pulley cover that is coupled with a fast adjustment motor mount. This allows you to rapidly change your spindle speeds, which is what I like about it. The work table can be rotated and can tilt forty-five degrees. It has a fast release clamp and a half inch external depth stop plus a 3 nut locking setting that makes fast adjustments possible.


  • This 20-inch press has an efficient 1.5 hp motor.
  • The smooth-movement table can raise & lower at just the turn of its crank to the exact place you need it.
  • It has twelve spindle speeds that range from 150-4200 rpm and a ¾ inch chuck.
  • It has an inbuilt work light. It also has a drill chuck plus key included. It weighs 288 pounds.


  • This is a seriously heavy unit and you cannot lift it alone so you will have to get some help.


6. General International Green Drill Press

It has a line interrupter switch that requires the unit to restart if there’s any case of circuit interruption or power failure. I found that it has a spindle tension adjustable return spring and inbuilt laser pointer. It has a construction with its table, head and base all made of cast iron. It has effective bearings for vibration free and smooth operation. It has a hand lever variable speed which can be controlled from 500 to 3000 rpm plus a spindle speed with digital display. It has a 1/3 HP efficient 120 volt motor. It has a dual depth stop that is easy to adjust for total control of the down stroke depth plus upstroke travel.


  • It has a technology that restarts your unit when there is a power failure.
  • This best drill press for metal has a spindle tension adjustable return spring and see through, flip upwards chuck guard that is easy to use.
  • It has an inbuilt laser pointer with a strong design and cast iron parts.
  • It has excellent bearings for smooth operation and a rack and pinion table which is crank operated.


  • It works really well but it gets a little loud after some years of usage.


7. Craftsman Drill Press

With this drill, you can take your metalworking projects up to a higher level. This 12 inch drill can cut holes in aluminum, wood, steel, plastics and so much more. I fancy the smooth turning feature even at high speeds plus the high torque spindle feature. It allows it to move fluidly from job to job, assisting you in getting more work done with its laser precision. If you are making holes in wood, cutting slots to make a mortise-&-tenon frame, even twisting out iron shavings as you are drilling bolt holes or you are simply using a sanding drum on a carving, you are assured durable and accurate operation.


  • This drill is great as a permanent bench top or even a temporary work site accessory and is engineered for clean, consistent results.
  • This best drill press for metal has a rigid frame and is placed on a strong steel post. It uses an efficient 1/2 HP motor to operate anywhere between 355-3065 rpm.
  • It has a quick swapping depth adjustment plus X & Y axis accurate positioning which gives you the finesse which precision applications require.
  • This is a good addition to your bench as it is adaptable, durable and adjustable.


  • It is a good drill press but after some years of usage, the laser guide may begin to fumble but this does not affect the operation.


8. WEN 4214 Drill Press

This drill is perfect for your bench-top. Made from cast iron, it possesses the strength to drill right through metal as well as wood plus other materials. The total drill capacity is ⅝ inches in one inch thick cast iron. I like the variable speed setting that lets you target the precise speed from 580-3200 RPM which works for the particular project. It has a powerful 12 inch swing with laser centering device that combines all other features to create a powerhouse for your workshop. It is stuffed with the kind of features that you normally find in bigger, industrial kind drill presses.


  • When you are drilling, just move the lever to adjust its speeds as required because there are no belts or pulleys to change.
  • The construction of this best drill press for metal makes use of a mechanical variable speed that let’s it use the exact torque and power throughout the speed range.
  • It has a digital readout that is powered by LED and displays your running speed. It is made with a strong cast iron frame and its head, table, plus base ensures you get accurate holes.
  • The ⅝ inch chuck plus MT2 spindle taper grants you efficiency various bits and it has a chuck key storage on board.
  • The worktable can bevel forty-five degrees left & right for delicate operations to give you the perfect angles consistently. The base comes with holes that have been pre drilled to allow you mount onto a work stand.
  • It has a slotted table that lets you mount clamps & vises that you can use effective mounting. Its X-pattern laser can lock on to the drill points which saves you from guessing and wasting expensive materials.


  • It does not have a spindle lock but you can adjust to that or include it if you can.


9. WEN 4208 Drill Press

This is an eight-inch swing, five-speed press that is small but still powerful enough to work through any metal, plastic or wood as well as any other materials. I noticed that the total capacity of the drill is half inch in one-inch thick cast iron. If you require precise, repeated holes, then this drill is capable of carrying out the job with more convenience and accuracy than your handheld drill. It is the ideal size for your shop and really portable enough for you to carry to your work site. This best drill press for metal is made with a strong frame that consists of a head, base, and table all made from cast iron to ensure accurate holes.


  • The half inch chuck plus JT33 spindle taper grants you versatility when making use of different kinds of bits.
  • The worktable can bevel forty-five degrees left and right especially for tricky applications that require stringent angles consistently.
  • The base has pre-drilled holes that are used for mounting it onto your bench or a work stand.
  • This metal drill press has a slotted table which accommodates mounting clamps plus vises for efficient work holding.
  • It has strong induction motor with efficient ball bearings which give you extended life plus smooth and sturdy performance even when you are using it at high speeds.


  • There is some flex in between its post and the drill head but this is not significant enough to warrant drill deflection, even when you use it at maximum throw or minimum chuck.



I hope the above list of metal drill presses has been helpful to you in picking the best drill press for metal for your needs.


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