Best Drill Press Clamp Review

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A drill press clamp is a fastening tool that is usually used to secure or hold items tightly to stop any unneeded movement through the application of pressure. There are different types of clamps available out there for numerous purposes. This makes picking one dependent on the project you are carrying out. Some of them are portable and used to position the workpieces that are being drilled, while others are permanent which means that they cannot be moved around whenever you want like the former. Find more on the portable and even permanent type.

Permanent clamps

A permanent drill press clamp is usually bolted down or attached securely to your worktop by the use of bolts which are usually screwed right into the holes that are provided.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider whenever you are making use of a permanent clamp for holding a workpiece:

Merits of a permanent clamp               

  • It is safer whenever you are using it to complete dangerous tasks like sawing and drilling.
  • There is no risk of the drill press clamp falling off or moving about during job applications.
  • It is able to carry out heavy-duty clamping.

Disadvantages of a permanent clamp

  • Once it has been bolted, the clamp is stationary and therefore cannot be moved.

Portable Clamps

The portable clamp can be attached to any surface that is convenient for it. Like their name implies, they can be moved and they can secure your work when you clamp them. These are the kind of drill press clamps we will be looking at today.

Below are some merits and demerits to look out for when you make use of a portable clamp in your workshop:

Merits of a portable clamp

  • It is not just lightweight, it can also be moved around.
  • If you want to change the position, you can easily do just that.
  • It can be attached to many types of work surfaces.
  • When you are done using it, you can dismount it and store it.
  • This drill press clamp is perfect for any job that requires drilling in tight spaces.

Demerits of a portable clamp

  • Some of them are usually not strong enough to be used for any heavy-duty clamping.
  • There is a risk of the clamp falling down or moving about during usage.
  • Some portable clamps may not be able to fit onto every surface.


Caring for your clamp

To take adequate care of your clamp, there are some simple tasks that you should carry out on a regular basis.

Cleaning and oiling
If you want to keep your drill press clamp in good condition, then you should always keep all the threaded and moving components clean by wiping down the clamp with a clean cloth after you finish using it. This cleaning will clear away any grit, dirt or debris that wants to build up on the clamp. Ensure that you oil and properly lubricate often the joints and threaded parts of the clamp plus any section that slides.

This is important in order to keep the jaws smooth when opening and closing. You can use machine oil on the clamp as this will assist in stopping it from rusting. To properly oil its sliding section, you can open the jaws totally then apply a nice layer of grease right on the slide. Then move the jaw a few times to aid in distributing the grease properly over the body of the clamp. This will keep your drill press clamp well lubricated, therefore letting its jaws move freely.

Removing rust
There are different methods used to remove rust on your clamp. However, the simplest is using a good rust remover chemical.
Just apply it to the area with rust and leave it to stay overnight then scrub the area by using a good steel wool brush till all the rust comes off before you now wash off the chemical with water. After you wash it, it is imperative that you dry the clamp totally to stop any rust from coming back. Use a dry, clean cloth to rub away any remaining rust, then your clamp will almost be as good as new.

If your clamp is painted and it begins to go off, you can simply repaint it just by applying a nice and fresh powder coating. For a fast and easy remedy, you can also repaint your drill press clamp by hand by making use of a protective, rust resistant paint.

Because of the force that is used when drilling, every work item should be held securely. It is not just the downward strength created by the tool while you are trying to drill into your work material, but it is also the force of the material itself trying to go up the flutes of your drill that is harmful. A serious injury can happen whenever your drill gets stuck in an object and is spinning around. This is why it is of utmost necessity that you follow every safety practice and ensure that your item is held securely with a drill press clamp like the kinds listed below.


Best Drill Press Clamp

WEN 430DPC Clamp

If you want to hold your work item in place as tightly as possible, this twelve 12 inch clamp can properly secure any large board or materials to the drill table which gives you a smooth and precise cut every time you use it. It has a 3-½” throat that has the ability to hold any boards that up to about five inches deep. With the tension which can be quickly adjusted plus the fast release design, this clamp includes safety and accuracy to your drill press. It comes with a 2-year warranty plus a network of professional service technicians. The brand also has a customer helpline that helps with any inquiry or issues.


  • The drill press clamp can board about five inches and it has a 3.5-inch throat.
  • It has a tension adjustment knob that changes the strength or pressure of its grasp.
  • It can fasten quickly to the drill table slots with the use of a fast release lever made for disengagement.
  • This clamp is compatible with the WEN drill presses on the market that are ten inches or bigger.


  • To tighten it properly, you may have to add a washer to the bolt which is to be slipped into the table slot.


Strong hand PTTD634 Clamp

The clamp can be secured tightly to any surface that is up to one inch thick. The crank of the clamp can be used to loosen up its pliers before you unlock and with all the features combined, you get an incredibly efficient clamping system that is available anytime you need it.

I observed that you can set the clamp with just one hand while you are working on your item or you can just grab a tool using your other hand without having to drop the clamp. with the other. This drill press clamp allows you to automatically adjust it and is ideal for holding material efficiently and safely so that your cuts and holes are as accurate as possible.


  • This clamp has the ability to lock and release in a matter of seconds which makes it perfect for your projects.
  • You can make use of the handle crank when you want to increase torque for operations.
  • You can pre-set the opening of the plier for continuous clamping applications during projects.
  • You can make use of its crank to loosen up the plier right before you unlock it.


  • You will need to apply some grease on top the threads of its adjusting screw which is used to ensure that weld splatter does not go into the threads.


Gino Development 02-0667 clamp

This clamp has a lock that can be directly fastened to the slot set aside for it in your drill press for fast and easy operation. I found that it can quickly secure work items tighter than some other clamps out there and it has a two-inch total jaw opening plus a three-inch throat depth which is able to accommodate a lot of tasks. This clamp has a throat depth of three inches and a wrench length of nine inches.


  • Unlike some other clamps out there, this drill press clamp can be fastened to your drill press slot.
  • This clamp can secure your work items tightly and increase safety in your workshop.
  • The total jaw opening of this clamp is two inches.
  • This clamp has a functional throat depth of three inches.


  • If you are working on finished wood, then you may need to put a small piece of scrap right between your clamp and your finished wood because the part that usually presses against your wood was not designed to be flat.


Armor-Tool 3DP-70 Clamp

This clamp allows you to set it to your preferred clamping pressure and its jaws can then apply that set pressure to the various sizes of items that you want to hold in place. It has a clamping force that is about 400 pounds plus a jaw range of 2 ½”. I particularly like the auto-adjust technology which lets you clamp things with different thicknesses even without making any adjustments to it to make up for the change in the size. Simply put, with it you can clamp thin or clamp thick. It has 25-400Lbs of constant tip pressure at the 2.5 inches jaw opening range and also has a soft and comfortable grip.


  • Combined with the auto-adjust feature, the adjustment technology lets you simply adjust it to your preferred taste.
  • This drill press clamp has an efficient high pressure which can be used for bigger projects plus a lower pressure which can be used for more fragile pieces. All you need to do is change the pressure by simply adjusting its pressure screw.
  • It allows you to quickly use just one hand to clamp on your drill press, benches and machine tops with the three-inch jaw.
  • You can make use of the mounting ring for any bottom mounting on your drill press then use the 5/16 *18 button T bolt for any bench mounts.
  • It has a top-notch automatic adjust technology which allows you to set the pressure then change your material size even without making any adjustments to the clamp.


  • The hold-down screw may be too big to fit your drill press but it can still be used.


Steelex D2493 Clamp

This clamp gives you immediate clamping when you use it your drill table. It is well constructed and completely adjustable. I observed that it has a locking lever action that gives you enormous gripping power for your work. It can be mounted through the set slots found in your drill table. This clamp is able to adjust in a matter of seconds and helps you to easily lock the work item you are working on in any position you prefer. It has a clamping pad that can pivot to accommodate any workpiece which then ensures uniform pressure.


  • This drill press clamp is twelve inches long and ideal for holding your bits during operation.
  • This clamp has a five-inch capacity which can accommodate workpieces conveniently without any issues.
  • It comes with a one year warranty plus a good customer care service.
  • To use this drill, set the clamping pressure that you want, then its jaws will apply that set pressure to whatever different sizes of workpieces you are working on.


  • You cannot use this on a drill table if your drill does not have any holes or if your drill is set up with a coolant drain right at the bottom. Apart from this, you can use it for any other operation that requires clamping and if your drill is suitable for it.


The above drill press clamps can work on any convenient surface you want them to work on. They can be easily moved to any location you prefer and then clamped on to any material you want to work with. Depending on your project, you can pick the most convenient clamp above that serves your purposes.


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