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What is a mag drill?

A magnetic drill which is also called a mag drill is a tool that is used to cut through metal. These magnetic drills are formed from four major components and they are the magnetic base, the motor, the drill stand, and an arbor or a chuck. With this drill, you can use a wide array of tools like annular cutters, countersinks, twist drills, reamers, and taps.

Why DeWalt mag drill?

With proper bits, this drill can do all of the above and more. The stable magnetic base plus low RPMs come together to resist and reduce torque forces that are made by bits with large diameters. Dewalt mag drills are usually portable and faster alternatives to hole making tools like the drill press and they are more precise than any hand drill.

They can be used on steel as well as other magnetic materials as they give a precision of 0.01 millimeter to 0.05 millimeter in steel or any other magnetic material. Furthermore, the drill bits that are used for this drill are made from something called high speed steel, for short (HSS) or from tungsten carbide tipped for short (TCT).

Some of the major components that make a dewalt mag drill exceptional

The Base
The base of your magnetic drill has an effective electromagnet that can easily clamp the drill on the work item to be drilled. When it is energized, this magnet is attached on the work item made of steel, locking the drill base on the surface. This electromagnet plays a vital role in a magnetic drill because it helps your drill to be steady and does not allow the drill dismount off the material during drilling.

Additionally, you can work with the drill either overhead, horizontally or even vertically. In general, the dewalt mag drill is made use of directly on a ferrous material but it is also used on any non-ferrous material such as aluminum with the assistance of clamping devices.

The Arbor
An arbor or chuck found on this drill is usually attached to its motor. It is a kind of clamp that is used to link the core drills. There are 2 types of chucks for the mag drill and they are the industrial arbor used for manual tightening and then the fast change drill chucks. The latter are the easiest and quickest choice to attach your core drills because they do not require you to tighten your screws/jaws manually.

An arbor or the chucks have various kinds of spindle holders/machine taper such as the morse taper MT two, MT three, and MT four. The chuck of the dewalt mag drill lets various kinds of core drill shafts or shanks to fit right in it.

The Stand
A drill stand is actually the major body of your magnetic drill and is the place that the electric switches both for your motor and magnet are usually mounted. The magnet indicator is found there too, as well as the clock and anticlockwise switches for direction. This body is able to hold the magnet base and the motor together securely. The feed handle of the drill is also attached to the stand.

The body of this drill assists your motor in sliding on it for up or down feeds. The stand of the drill plays the part of a handle you can use to carry and transport the drill from one jobsite to another. The material used in making the stand of the dewalt mag drill is usually cast iron. Overall, the convenience of this drill simply cannot be overstated.

What beats the convenience of a magnetic drill?

Unlike the bench/tabletop drill press or even the standing drill press, magnetic drill presses are used in hard to reach places like truck beds, I-beams, vertical iron parts which are stationary, etc. Its magnetic base sticks to the surface and steadies the drill so you can cut the material. You can’t achieve this result with any other drill press that is not magnetic and I don’t even advise you to try.

Why should you make use of a dewalt mag drill press?

By making use of a magnetic drill, you can gain that accuracy and speed that you need to drill tough items with precision and consistency. This drill has a really strong electromagnetic base that allows it to firmly adhere to a ferrous metal/carbon steel surface when if is turned on. Unlike other drills, this one can be placed horizontally, vertically and overhead too which is invaluable in construction.

However, ensure that you secure the drill to whatever surface you are drilling into, especially if it is overhead so as to prevent drops from any height right on your head.

How did the magnetic drill press come into being?

Initially, dewalt mag drills were made for construction companies to enable them drill plenty similar holes right in structural steel that is already in place like i-beams. Magnetic drills give you better stability and are really easy to use when compared to a hand drill. They give you increased precision and can cut holes with large diameters faster.

Another secondary benefit of these drills is they can be used to drill and also tap thread holes that are about 1-⅝ inches or 40 millimeters. For instance, the usual operation is to drill a 14 millimeter or 9/16 inch diameter hole when you want to tap a ⅝ inch or 16 millimeter thread without even moving the drill.

Kinds of Magnetic Drill Presses

  • Electric magnetic drills are ideal in any job site that electricity is available and also in a dry environment so you can’t use it in the rain or in an area without an outlet.
  • Pneumatic magnetic drills in a place that you can get a compressor or in an area where the work site is wet or hazardous.
  • Hydraulic magnetic drills are usually used for marine, industrial and construction drilling applications.

How to make use of a magnetic drill press

The base of the material to be drilled on must be ferrous metal or the electromagnet in the dewalt mag drill will not work. The steel to be worked on must be flat and suitably clean or its magnet will simply not be secure on the surface.

You should ensure that the base of your drill is free from all debris. You can use a safety chain to keep the drill press secure because if the power releases for any reason, the drill will become loose, let go of the steel you are working on and drop down if it is overhead.

Cutting tools to be used with magnetic drills:

Usually, you just have to make use of an annular cutter if you want to drill any holes through steel. If you are unaware, an annular cutter is simply an end mill that has a hollow center which can cut holes right into the metal. For annular cutters to perform properly, the steel that it is to be used on needs to be about ¼ inch thick so that your dewalt mag drill press can be able to adhere to its surface without any wobbling or other issues that may plague incompatible pieces.

Core cutting with a magnetic drill press -what you need to know

Whenever you are cutting or drilling any holes in the steel you have procured, you just cannot do without the magnetic drill press. You can align the drill then secure it properly in place, and this will take off the wear and tear from your body when you are performing any drill operation. You can also use a magnetic drill that has a swivel base as this feature makes aligning your drill right over the particular hole easier.

Now that we have gone through every part of a magnetic drill in detail, let us check out the best dewalt mag drill below.

The Best DeWalt MagneticDrill Press Review

DEWALT DWE1622K 2 Inch Magnetic Drill Press

This is an absolutely ideal tool for your workshop. It has tons of power that is capable of handling the job you want for as long as you like. Its gibs are effective and snug, basically all the parts fit where they are supposed to without any problems which is not something you can vouch for with so many other drills. This is a better tool by far. I noticed that if you have worn out cutters or are just using a dewalt mag drill for the first  time, you may not know how to use the quick release chuck but it is so easy to grasp that you’ll catch up in no time at all. Your annular cutters can fit snugly in the fast release and you will have very little runout. You can’t use it as a milling machine though. The drill gives you accurate work anytime you put it to use regardless of whether you drill in a flange, ¼ or 3/8 mild plates, web of the 10W22, or any material smaller than that.

The fast release handle in the magnetic drill is an excellent feature. When you move the body of the drill up on its slide, then you can make use of the ½ inch chuck plus the standard twist drill bits that were included. I realized that you do not need to get any set of stubbies for this tool and that’s a big deal. The magnetic base can grip well and properly holds your drill in any desired position. The travel on its powerhead is four inches which allows you drill holes in materials that are very thick. This two speed drill press has a ten amp motor as well as two speed settings which give you ultimate performance in different applications. The dewalt mag drill has overload protection that stops motor damage and the excess accessory wear is designed for durability.


  • The fast change chuck feature lets you change without tools free between ¾ inch weldon shank plus a half inch keyed chuck.
  • It has fast release feed handles that give you change of handles without tools on both sides of the drill.
  • Its magnetic cooling tank is self fed and lets you control the flow of the cooling fluid. You can put it beside the drill or on your work bench for different tool orientations.
  • The four inch drill travel gives you total capacity for effective applications. It also has a motor height adjustment feature that grants better and wider array of accessory compatibility.
  • The package of this dewalt mag drill includes a drill press, kit box, height adjustment tool, safety chain and fast change half inch keyed chuck.
  • It has a ten amp motor, two speed settings and the no load speed is 300/450 rpm. It also has overload protection that helps to stall motor damage.
  • It has a fast change chuck feature and the magnetic coolant bottle provided can be put on both sides of your drill or dropped on your work surface.
  • It has a 4-⅜” drill travel that gives you total capacity for superb applications.


  • After some years of usage, the chuck becomes weak and may break so you will have to replace it.
  • The drill is nice but the fast change chuck feature is a loose fit. The cutters as we as the drill chuck may wobble slightly from side to side then move upwards and downwards about 1/8 inch. It would have been better if two set screws were used like to keep the ¾” weldon shank cutters.
  • There is a minor play right in the mechanism of the drill press which you may have to tweak if you want to drill out broken bolts that require you be right at the middle.


A dewalt mag drill is a portable drilling unit that has a magnetic base that is electromagnetic or simply has a permanent magnet. With the above drill, you can make use of milling cutters, annular cutters plus twist drill bits as well as other rotary cutters.

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