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A delta drill press is an important workshop machine that can be made use of for different tasks. Not only is it used for drilling, it can be added to a mortising attachment which is used for drilling square shaped holes and also be made use of as a spindle sander. Additionally, your woodworking game will simply not remain the same with this tool.

Whenever your woodworking projects call for any holes to be drilled right into pieces of stock, you can use any cordless drill or even hand-operated drills. However, if your concern is precision or if you want to drill large-diameter holes, you really should use a drill press. These drill presses have a much more durable motor than other hand-operated drills, and their quills and chucks are usually aligned with the drill press table with adjustable height, therefore making sure that the holes are vertically arranged when you are drilling.

Reasons Why You Need A Delta Drill Press

The functionality of the press: One reason these units are ideal for your workshop is functionality. They can not just drill holes at angles, but you can also use them to drill holes in wooden pieces that are unbalanced like the legs of furniture, etc. Without doubt, this drill press is a necessity for any woodworker’s workshop.

Accuracy of the press: Accuracy is the major reason why experts make use of delta drill presses. Of course, you can still make holes in your wood with hand-held drills, but you just cannot make identical holes. The drill press lets you set the actual width, depth and angle of each hole so you can simply make dozens of similar holes at different angles in seconds without thinking about how deep the holes will be. Once you have mastered the press, then you will be able to use it for all kinds of projects.

Power: Its powerful motors can accommodate very big drill bits, which means that you can make holes that you couldn’t have been able to make otherwise. The power from the motor can get your projects done precisely and quickly. Apart from that, a drill press gives you some leverage because when you set up the bit, you can then control the spindle and even the chuck with a lever and make holes you need with ease. The volume of projects you are able to get done with every day will increase even as you put in less effort into making each hole and this allows you increase efficiency.

The speed of the press: With the delta drill press, you will be able to recreate all kinds of holes and you will do it faster than you have ever done it before. You will find that you do not need to put in the kind of effort like you do with a hand drill. The settings on the drill lets you set the angle and depth of every hole you want to drill. It is safer because you don’t need  the same care you use with hand drills. All you need to do is push the drill down then get your perfect holes every time. They are automated machines so they do most of the work by themselves. Also, they are powered by larger motors than the hand-held drills. Their motors can rotate the bits faster, which gives you quicker drilling.

Security and safety: These are really important when you are working in an enviroment that is full of heavy tools. With the delta drill press, you can control the speed of its tip and you get full command of your operation which lowers any chances of its tip breaking. You can also make use of clamps to hold the item you are working with on the table top and by doing so,you youll reduce the chances of anything going wrong. Keep on reading for necessary safety tips when handling  a drill press.


How to care for a Delta drill press and ensure its longevity

Lubrication: Lubrication is necessary because of the kind of friction and heat which is generated by its moving parts. You can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper lubrication and clean it after use. Clean the T-slots, the grooves and remove dirt from the belts and pulleys. You can remove chips so as to avoid any damage to the moving parts. Wipe down all spindles and sleeves to remove grit and avoid damaging its precision fit. You can also coat unpainted surfaces lightly with oil to prevent rust and operate it with care despite it being automated.

Deliberate Care: If you are making use of it under any adverse conditions like extremely dusty places, it requires special care. You can operate it at slow speeds to prevent quick abrasive wear on its moving parts. When operating your delta drill press under extremely cold conditions, you can start it at a slow speed then let the parts and the lubricants you used to warm up before you increase the speeds. As you may be aware of, metal actually becomes brittle in really cold weather so avoid hitting your drill with hard tools.

Good safety procedures to follow when operating a drill press:

  • Do not support your pieces by hand. You can make use of a holding device to avoid the item from being torn from your hand.
  • Do not make adjustments whilst the machine is running. Use a brush to clean away chips, not your hand.
  • Keep your loose clothing far from turning tools. Ensure that your cutting tools are operating well before you begin.
  • Do not place any equipment or tools on your drilling table. Ensure that every guard is in place when operating.
  • Ease up a bit on the feed while the drill moves through the item to prevent any damaged tools or workpieces.
  • Take away every wrench or chuck key before operating and always put on eye protection when operating a drill press.

Now that you have ample information about drill presses, check out the top delta drill presses below.

Best Delta Drill Presses

1. Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press

This drill has a flexible LED Light which illuminates your work surface and gives better visibility. The effective 3/4 HP motor gives you enough power for grueling drilling applications. The large woodworker’s table with its patented design can bevels zero to ninety degrees left and right and tilt forward zero to forty eight degrees. It has T-slots which you can use for clamping as well as a center insert which can be removed for through-table kind of drilling. This delta drill press has a completely adjustable twin laser which projects a red crosshair right on your work item to the area of bit contact. This drill is great for woodworking and it was made to give you the precision you desire to get your work done without any repetitions. It boasts of a powerful performance and an efficient system for easy speed changes.


  • This drill is versatile and rugged enough for expert use and has a heavy duty motor which gives you a powerful performance as well as an automated tensioning belt drive feature for seamless speed changes.
  • This eighteen inch drill has a callout box top. it gives you full drilling speeds of sixteen (170 – 3,000) and has a six inch quill stroke which gives you the best in its class capacity.
  • The large woodworking table of the delta drill press can bevel zero to ninety degrees both left and right. The dimensions are 20 inches wide by 70 inches high by 28 inches deep. Its key chuck capacity is 5/8-inch. It comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • This expert grade drill is great for woodwork regardless of the kind of wood, whether soft or hard. It is made to give you the accuracy you require to get your project done well at the first try.
  • It has 16 speeds for efficient drilling operation on various materials. The pinion and rack height adjustment feature on the large workshop table can be easily lowered and raised to your desired height.
  • The locking levers of the delta drill press are adjustable and they allow for quick angle adjustments to your tabletop while its bright twin laser assists in providing drilling precision every time. It also has an automatic tensioning belt drive feature for effective performance.


  • After some years of usage, the drive spindle may break the bit when you clamp if care is not taken.
  • There may be a slight dragging noise but can be solved by application of lubrication.
  • When it first arrives, the belt may be loose so the middle idle pulley stack may fall out. To remedy this, loosen the screws for adjusting them and shift its motor bracket far back, it should be enough to get nice belt tension on the various pulley combinations.


2. DELTA 15-344 Drill Press

This delta drill press has a 3/4 HP 3-phase two hundred volt motor as well as a twenty four volt magnetic starter with a push button.

I noticed that it has a variable speed drive that lets you pick your choice of spindle speed while the drill is being operated. The drill usually maintains automated standard belt tension so you can always possess full power transmission. Its snubber feature can hold your speed settings steady regardless of the load conditions. The quill is quite big with a 2-inch diameter, and it has a lengthy quill travel which allows you perform deep hole jobs. Included in the package is the table, controls and motor, its pulley guard and belt, the belt as well as its motor pulley, the depth stop which self locks, the depth gauge and a chuck key that self ejects.


  • This delta drill press has really large spindle bearings and its spindle as well as its spindle pulley are both supported by 4 lubricated, oversized and preloaded ball bearings.
  • It has a fast belt tension release which is usually provided by its mounting plate pivoting motor as well as a reverse taper on its plunger which self locks.
  • It has an extra long quill travel which gives you more depth for jobs that require deep hole drilling. It also has six efficient speeds which offer you an unbelievably varied range of speeds to choose from.
  • The delta drill press is perfect for any metal drilling, woodworking, and cabinet applications. It also works well for jobs that require deep holes like a gang and skip drilling.
  • It has extra large spindle bearings, a robust two inch quill, as well as lifetime lubricated bearings which deliver to you smooth and chatter-free drilling that requires no maintenance.
  • A snubber attached to it keeps drilling your speeds steady and constant under any load. Its tilt table allows you to position bigger assemblies and even clear cabinet making projects and woodworking at various angles to its drill head.


  • The column of the delta drill press may fit quite poorly to its base because some bolt holes on it were not well drilled and it may not align well with the machined surface.
  • The delta cap located on its quill return spring casing may wobble a bit if you are not careful with it.
  • After some years of usage, the motor may make a slight internal dragging sound when you spin it by hand and also while it is spinning down after you turn it off.

The above drill presses are versatile. With these units, you can adjust the speed of its motor and even add other tools to it, like the rotary sanding disc, or even a spindle sander. You can do this to make sanding your wooden items faster and easier. Furthermore, if you fit a mortiser to it, you will now be able to use it to make not just square, but rectangle shaped holes too. The effective power of its motor lets you make holes not just in wood, but in metal too. All the features of the delta drill press combined gives you more choices and allows you incorporate some metal into your wooden projects.

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