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Do you want to acquaint yourself with the use of a cross slide drill press vise? If you do not have a manual for instructions or experience and you want to get one, then peruse the steps below.


Attach the vise:
Mount your vise to your unit’s table then secure it tightly in place with the use of bolts.

Mark the drill point:
You should mark the point right on your work item which you want to drill or mill.

Open the jaws:
You can open the jaws of the cross slide drill press vise by simply rotating its handle anti-clockwise.

Position your workpiece:
Put your work item into your vise jaws and ensure that it is in the ideal position you want. This make is very handy when a drilling task is required by a woman.

Close the jaws:
You can close the jaws of the vise by turning its handle clockwise. Ensure that they are closed around your work item so that it will be secure once it touches the cutter or drill bit.

Align the vise:
Ensure that the unit is off, then align your drill bit or the cutter with that mark on the work item.

Begin operation:
When you are ready, then turn on the unit and start the drilling or milling application.

Now that you have a fair understanding of how to use a cross slide drill press vise, let us delve into the best vises the market.


Best Cross Slide Drill Press Vise Review

1. WEN 414CV Drill Press Vise

This vise is constructed from heavy duty cast iron which is powder coated. I found that it can grip your work item tightly and give you about 1900 pounds of efficient clamping force. Its jaws are 4.25 by 1.25 and they can open up to about 4.125 inches in width. You can make little adjustments along both axis using the hand wheels that are on board. The two hand wheels have engineered 0.1 millimeter increments and each complete turn represents three millimeters of travel.


  • This cross slide drill press vise can move a complete 5.8 inches/148 millimeters along its x-axis plus six inches/150 millimeters along its Y-Axis which makes it the ideal tool for not just woodworkers but metalworkers alike.
  • It has a fixed jaw that has a V-groove which you can use to secure round objects vertically and horizontally.
  • The removable handles assist you to easily install this vise into any tight space.
  • It has 5 half inch mounting brackets that are positioned about the exterior edge of its base and it is compatible with almost all the drill press tables out there.
  • This cross slide drill press vise comes with a two-year warranty plus a network of expert technicians as well as a readily available customer help line.


  • You get just two bolts that you can use to hold down this vise.


2. Wilton 11693 Cross Slide Vise

This is a three-inch cross slide vise that can precisely adjust your project item in horizontal and longitudinal positions for accurate drilling.
All you have to do is attach this cross slide drill press vise to your bench top or worktable for your drill press and you’re ready to go. I observed that you are able to carry out fine-tune adjustments simply with the slight turn of its wheel. You should pay attention when you take it apart for any reason to how its pieces come back together because the parts need to align correctly for stress-free usage.


  • It has cast knobs on the side that can allow you to precisely put in one-millimeter increments.
  • It has strengthened V groove-shaped jaws that can hold your items properly.
  • It can position round shaped items both horizontally and vertically too.


  • This cross slide drill press vise is covered in dusty grease and I do not advise you to use it like that. Before you use it, dissemble it completely then clean every corner and screw using a degreaser.

3. Goplus GP-101040148 Compound Vise

This is a four inch cross vise that is compatible with various drill presses. It is a two way, heavy duty, X-Y compound vise for various materials with adjustable shims you can use for fine adjustment. It precisely moves the work item in longitudinal and horizontal ways for exact positioning without any issues. I like the handles that this cross slide drill press vise comes with which can be removed for quick slide off and on.


  • This is a strong wise made with cast steel and well-constructed cold rolled screws made from steel.
  • It has a chrome handle to be used for accurate centering and precise drilling.
  • It has easy attachments that you can use to link to your drill press table that comes with different mounting lugs.
  • It comes with bolt slots that you can use to clamp it down for security.


  • This vise cannot be used for milling but works well all the same.


4. Capri Tools 10522 Cross Slide Vise

You can make use of this cross slide drill press vise for different kinds of drilling, woodwork, sawing, metalwork and even for gluing things together which is what I like about it. The sturdy cast iron just makes it an ideal fit for your medium duty operations. Its swivel crank handles can adjust forward and even sideways for extra versatility when you are clamping, and this feature makes it perfect for accurate drilling as well as milling metal too. It comes with a three year tools warranty that makes sure you have absolute peace of mind.


  • It has six inch wide jaws, a 5.7 inch jaw opening plus 1.6 inch throat depth.
  • It is constructed from strong cast iron and comes  with a three year warranty.
  • The swivel crank handles are able to adjust not just forward but sideways too for more versatility.
  • This vise is great for accurate drilling and serves as an efficient metal milling machine.


  • After further inspection, you may find that its action may be a bit bind-y right in its last inch of each X & Y extreme. There is also some grit on the far ends of its ways so you need to take it apart if you can, and clean it.


5. Wilton 11694 Cross Slide Drill Vise

The Wilton 11694 cross slide vise for your drill press is four inches. It is ideal for doing incremental drilling as well as any other precision work. I observed that it is strong enough to give your work items stable support without any unwanted wobbling. It also has strengthened V grooved jaws which are capable of horizontally and vertically holding round shaped items.


  • This cross slide drill press vise has a long lasting construction paired with excellent grain castings made from cast iron.
  • It has cast knobs flanking it that you can use to punch in increments of one millimeter.
  • This vise can accurately adjust the object you are drilling on, both longitudinally and horizontally so as to enable that the item is properly positioned.


  • You will need to make some minor adjustments before you begin to make use of it.


6. Wilton 11696 Cross 6 Inch Slide Vise

This vise precisely moves the work item you are drilling both horizontally and vertically for accurate positioning during operation. I found that It has cast knobs on the side that precisely dial in one millimeter increments. The V shaped grooved jaws of this cross slide drill press vise are hardened and can hold any round shaped items vertically and horizontally too.


  • This Wilton 11696 cross slide vise for your drill press is six inches.
  • This compound vise includes efficient functionality to the drill press you use it for.
  • With this vise, you can position your item easily for accurate holes.
  • For jobs that you have so many items to drill, this vise works well in repetition.


  • This vise does not come with an owners manual so if you are unused to it, you may need a little help.


7. Hd 6 Inch Vise Two Way 360° Swivel Vise/Milling Machine

This HD 6 inch cross vise has a two-way slide and the base can swivel and rotate 360 degrees to serve your purposes. I like the fact that it can also be used as a milling machine. It is well constructed with precisely designed compound slides. It is fitted with steel jaws that you can replace if you wish, lead crews which are metric calibrated as well as locking slides. It is ideal for all your drilling and machining applications. This cross slide drill press vise is extremely functional and allows you to position it quickly to snap up holes in no time at all.


  • The jaw opening is six inches, the width is six inches and the depth of the jaw is 1-¼ inches.
  • The overall depth is 1-¾ inches and the cross training is 5 1/9 inches approximately.
  • The oval base is 9 inches X 7 inches and it is approximately 40lbs.
  • This two-way slide vise can also be used as a milling machine.
  • It was engineered with accurately machined compound slides. It has a rotating base of 360 degrees.
  • It is fitted with steel jaws that can be replaced. It has locking slides plus metric calibrated crews from lead.


  • This vise may be a tad too large so you should check if it would fit your own press before getting it.


8. Shop Fox D4082 Cross-Sliding Vise

This vise has an efficient slide bar that is used to stop the jaws from tilting sideways or upwards when tightening. I noticed that the gibs which can be adjusted to take up any slack you may encounter on not just the top but the bottom slides also. You can make use of this vise on whatever drill press you own to cut keyways and even do light milling jobs.


  • The overall height of this cross slide drill press vise is 5-¼ inches and the capacity is 4 inches.
  • The jaw width of this vise is four inches and the jaw opening is 3-¾ inches bottom slide.
  • The vise travels about four inches and the approximate weight is 22 pounds.


  • The dual adjustment cranks of this vise possess set-screw collars at the exact place that they reach the body of your vise. I advise that you place a thin washer right in between those set screw and its body as this will ensure that the vise is more accurate and help it will travel smoother. You could put an extra one at the back of the plate.


9. Palmgren 30301 32 Vise 3.0 Inch

This cross vise is three inches and it gives you quick and accurate positioning around its X & Y axis. This feature, which I admire, makes the item you are drilling on easy and simple to adjust while ensuring that your job comes out well. The belt size of this vise is 4” x 36” and its grit is 80. The belt speed is 3600 FPM and it has a ¾ horsepower motor of 115/230 VAC and 3450 RPM. The belt is able to operate not just vertically but horizontally too. It has a dust collection port with a diameter of two inches.


  • This cross slide drill press vise gives you fast and accurate positioning right along its “X” and “Y” axis.
  • This vise plus cross slide table combined into one precisely moves your work in two directions to give you ample versatility.
  • This vise makes your work item positioning not just fast to avoid time wasting, but easy and accurate too.
  • It includes both the belt plus the abrasive wheel collection ports for the dust -to assist in keeping your workspace clear.
  • The dials of the vise progress in 0.1 millimeter increments which make it ideal for accurate drilling.


  • The crank handles of the vise will be reversed to forestall possible damage. To put it right, simply take out the acorn nut then change the direction.


When you are drilling with any of the above and you want to change the position of the material you are working on, do this. You can slide your cross slide drill press vise either from the left to the right or backward & forwards with the use of XY axis feature.


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