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A central machinery drill press can be used for drilling holes in any hard substances. The drill is usually held tightly in a spindle that rotates and is then fed through the work item, which is clamped by a vise on a bench or table.

Depending on the model, the drill can be gripped properly in a chuck with the use of three jaws which move in unison radially, or it can have a kind of tapered shank which fits into any already tapered hole in its spindle. Means are usually provided for changing the spindle speed and on some of them, for feeding the drill automatically into the work item.

Any central machinery drill press to be gotten for general purpose machine workshops may possess just one spindle. For making several holes simultaneously in any material, then models with more than one spindles are available. Whenever large quantities of similar mechanical components are needed, special drilling models with the spindles arranged in many positions that are relative to the material can be constructed.

Although these drill presses are mainly used for making holes, they can still be used to enlarge holes with the use of a boring tool or even finishing up holes with a reamer and with the inclusion of a tapping attachment plus a tap, they can even produce threads in the hole.

A central machinery drill press is usually preferable to any hand drill whenever the location or the orientation of the hole to be made must be controlled precisely. The drill is usually composed of a strong base which supports the column and the column supports a table in turn. Your work can be placed on the table using a vise or even hold down clamps.

The table can simply be swiveled out of your way to allow any long material to be supported on its base directly. The height of its table can simply be adjusted with the table lift crank which is then locked in place using a table lock. The drill has a column which also supports the head which contains the motor.

The motor is the component that turns the spindle at any speed which is controlled by the variable speed dial. Its spindle then holds the drill chuck which holds the cutting tools like deburring tools, center drills, and drill bits.

A central machinery drill press may sometimes not acquire attention like the commonly utilized equipment found in any workshop like the average hammer and saw, but if you require the accuracy and the depth for a job, obtaining the perfect one will surely make a difference.

They come in different shapes and sizes, with basically numerous specifications that you can consider. If you want to find the right one which suits your needs, then I recommend that you look at your project first then pick anyone below that fits it.

Central machinery drill press safety measures

  • You should acquaint yourself with the position of its stop & start switches, as well as all other important features for ease of use and safety.
  • Clear your drill press table of any tools or materials before an operation.
  • Make sure that all your drill bits are well sharpened and the chucks are in good working condition. Do not use dull drill bits or any battered tangs and sockets.
  • Do not try to take away scraps from the central machinery drill press table by hand. You should use any proper tool like a brush.
  • Do not try to carry out any maintenance on the drill without unplugging the power cord.
  • Do not insert any chuck key into its chuck until when the drill is turned off and has stopped completely.
  • Your belts and pulleys must be guarded every time. If any of them are frayed then you should replace immediately.
  • Every work item must be held by a vise or even a clamp before you start drilling anything.
  • If the work item in your central machinery drill press is moving while it is in the vise or even the clamp:
    – you should not try to hold the material in place using just your hand.
    – never tighten its vise or clamp when the drill is turned on.
    – turn off the power then wait for the drill to stop moving completely before you re-tighten its vise or clamp.
  • You should make use of the ideal speed settings plus drill kind for your material to be properly drilled.
  • When you are mounting any drill bit, make sure it is to the total depth and it is well centered in its chuck.
  • You should feed the bit slowly right into your work item always. If the hole you need is to be drilled in deep, draw back the bit from time to time to remove shavings.
  • Before you leave your central machinery drill press for an extended period of time, its power must be turned off then the drill must be at a total stop.

Best Central Machinery Drill Press

1. 5 Speed Drill Press

This central machinery drill press is simply what you need as a homeowner in your basement or workshop for any general drilling purpose. I observed that it has a ball bearing motor that comes with 5 speeds from 620-3100 which allows you to drill any materials like wood or mild iron and steel without qualms.

It has a depth adjustment gauge and the total swing is eight inches. The table of the drill can tilt forty-five degrees both left and right.



  • The huck capacity of the drill is two inches which it has a throat depth of half an inch. The four inch motor is 120 volts.
  • The diameter of the column of this central machinery drill press is 1.89 inches. The dimensions of the table are 6-5/16 inches x 6-½ inches.
  • The dimensions of the base is 11-⅛ inches x 7 inches. The dimensions in total are 23 inches high x 17 inches wide x 7 inches deep. The package weighs 37.54 lbs.
  • The stroke of the spindle is two inches. The capacity of the chuck is half inch.
  • The depth of the throat is four inches and it has five speeds which go from 620-3100 RPM.


  • You have to use good bits with this drill because it has a lot to do with how effectively your drilling goes.


2. Central Machinery #38142

This drill has a multiple speed gearbox that lets you do your work in sixteen different spindle speeds which can be changed from 220-3600 RPM regardless of the material.

The cast iron construction engineering reduced any unnecessary vibration while you are working which is what drew me to it. The cast iron table can rotate 360° and then tilted forty-five degrees for accurate drilling. It has a nice rack & pinion movement plus a depth stop and gauge that can be adjusted.


  • With a 120 VAC or 60 Hz plus 8 amps: of pure horsepower, this drill is guaranteed to serve you well.
  • This central machinery drill press has sixteen spindles so which go from 220 up to 3600 RPM.
  • The size of the table is 11-1/2′ inches and the table tilt diameter is forty-five degrees left and right. The swing is 13-⅞ inches.
  • The column diameter is 2-57/64 inches. The spindle stroke is 3-⅛ inches and the spindle taper is MT2.
  • The chuck capacity is 7/64 inches to ⅝ inches. The total dimensions are 17-⅝ inches long x 10 inches wide x 41-¾ inches high.


  • This drill doesn’t come with instructions as there is no manual included.


3. Heavy Duty Drill Press

This all-purpose drill is ideal for your home or workshop. The well-engineered steel column has a nice rack and pinion bench movement. I noticed that the cast iron table is precisely gauged and can tilt either to the left or right in forty-five degrees.

The accurate chuck can hold a bit from the tiniest wire gauge up to the biggest size with a ⅝ inch shank. For versatility, it has a morse taper spindle. It also comes with an adjustable depth stop as well as a gauge. The base and table of this central machinery drill press are slotted for quick vise installation.


  • It has a 3/4 Column diameter of 2-57/64 inches.
  • The size of the table is 11-1/2′ inches and the diameter of the swing is 13-⅞ inches. The size of the base is 17-⅝ inches x 10 inches.
  • The height is 41-¾ inches and it weighs 107.65 lbs. The capacity of the chuck is 7/64′ inches to 5/8 inches.
  • It has a whooping sixteen spindle speeds which go all the way from 220-3600.
  • The spindle stroke is 3-1/8′ inches and the spindle taper is MT2. The motor is horsepower ¾.


  • The table of the drill is not ninety degrees to its column.


4. Bench Mount Drill

This drill has an inbuilt work light that enables you to see what you are doing clearly. It also has a table that can be tilted. Its settings include rack & pinion movement that is really smooth, a depth stop that can be adjusted to your taste plus a gauge and it has a nice cast iron head and base which ensures optimal durability.

I like the fact that the table can rotate 360 degrees and still tilt forty-five degrees both left and right. It is eight inches and has a strong ball bearing motor with 5 so for variability. With 2.4 horsepower and a total speed (rpm) of 3070 plus a minimum speed of 760 RPM, it has a B16 spindle taper and the height is 22-5/8 inches.


  • The accessories of this central machinery drill press comes with a worklight and chuck key plus two hex wrenches. It has a 90 day warranty.
  • The table can be adjusted and locked in place. It also has a depth stop fitted with a gauge.
  • It has a base and head made of durable cast iron.
  • It is 17 inches long, seven and a half inches wide, and it weighs 32.35 lb. The table dimensions are 6-1/4 inches x 6-1/8 inches.
  • The table can rotate 360 degrees and still tilt forty-five degrees both left and right. It has an effective ball bearing motor.


  • You have to ensure you purchase good bits because it has so much to do will how efficiently it drills.


5. Central-Machinery Drill Press – Item#60237

This central machinery drill press can be used for all purposes and is ideal for your home or workshop. With it, you can drill really easily through metal, wood or plastic. It gives you reliable operation without any issues and I noticed that it has twelve speeds for you to choose from if you are picky.

The ball bearing motor can work at variable speeds which can handle different tasks and items that you throw at it. This drill is not just versatile, it is portable and can fit conveniently on almost any bench top in your home or table in your workshop.


  • The rack & pinion table gives you smooth and unparalleled movement.
  • It has a depth stop that can be adjusted to your taste plus a gauge.
  • The table can rotate 360 degrees and can tilt forty-five degrees both left and right.
  • This drill has a strong ball bearing motor that can take on heavy-duty jobs.


  • You may require some guidance to set it up if you are unfamiliar with the usage.


Like many other power tools, central machinery drill presses have many drilling depths plus speeds. There are slower speeds combined with a lower degree of control for inexperienced users or just depending on the job and there are faster drills with increased control. You can select your choice above.


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