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For any woodworking and particularly tough materials project to succeed, some tools must be used. Among the tools you need to make holes in such materials is a tabletop drill press. However, although their uses are nearly the same, all drill presses have some difference.
So, you need to choose a drill that suits your project especially when the project has a specific kind of drilling. For this reason, we have composed a guide to help you select an appropriate drill.

Factors to consider when choosing a benchtop drill press

• The drill press size
Among the most important aspects to consider is size. So, instead of buying a drill of any size, buy one that fits your project requirements. For example, the 16-inch press is capable and more convenient for drilling an 8-inch hole on its edge.


• Speed adjustment
Always remember, that a drill that allows various speed adjustment is better than one with a fixed speed. Speed is vital as it allows you to work effectively, and a single speed drill press might result in damage. For instance, some type of wood might burn if you are drilling with a speedy drill, hence, for such wood you need to reduce the speed.


• Horsepower
Prior to the selection of any tabletop drill press, examine its horsepower. Similar to other electrical tools, the horsepower determines the performance of a drill press. If you will be using your drill press for just making holes on wood, less horsepower is OK.


• Type/ model of the drill press
The model of a drill is also an aspect to put into consideration. Some models are adaptable, such as floor model drill. You can raise it to upper and lower directions. On the contrary, some models are fixed.


• Associated accessories
It is advisable you go for a drill press that comes with accessories. In some cases, you may get an effective drill that is equipped with important accessories. However, the tool should be compatible with accessories for it to be useful after upgrades.


• Serviceability
The routine maintenance of your tool should be fast and easier. Unfortunately, it is not all manufacturers who have replacement parts for the various models readily available. Also, some manufacturers require their tools to be serviced by experts. This means you will be incurring a lot of money when replacing some parts. You definitely want to consider serviceability when picking a drill press.

The above-mentioned points and many others are really paramount when picking a drill press. Honestly, this would make picking a drill press quite a task for someone who is new to drill presses. For this reason, we have reviewed the best Benchtop drill press you can go for.

Top 6 Best Benchtop Drill Press

1. SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

If you are a woodworker who wants more precision than that offered by a handheld drill, this tabletop drill press is your perfect option. This tool features an X2-2 beam laser which makes sure there is precise hole alignment. Besides this, it has a depth adjustment system which allows you to consistently drill down each time.
Further, it has five-speed cut holes which drills cleanly via metal and wood, as well as other materials. This drill press is compatible with larger cutting and woodworking diameters. One of the benefits of this drill press is the ability of the work surface to tilt from zero to 45 degrees.
Finally, it comes with a 3-year warranty. In addition, it is good for use in building and large-scale furniture projects.


• 5-speed system
This cuts clean holes via metal, woo, and other materials. This system also allows for larger cutting and woodworking diameter bits.
• ½-Inch keyed chuck
It has a square work surface which assists in supporting larger pieces of material. Likewise, the ½- inch keyed chuck allows larger cutting and woodworking bits.
• Laser X2
This SKIL 3320 table top drill press also features a X2 2-beam laser which helps in ensuring the hole alignment is precise. Equally, the depth adjustment system allows you to each time drill with consistency.

• It is easier to assemble.
• Pretty quiet and sturdy.
• Smooth drill and excellent for the price.

• The base design is not well done.

2. BUCKTOOL Drill Press 10 inch 5 Speed Laser Track Guided Bench

This benchtop drill press is uniquely designed to offer high work productivity, as well as allow portability. Further, it has many features to enhance its effectiveness. Among these features is a 2/3HP motor that is strong enough to enable drilling via metal, plastics, wood, and aluminum.
In comparison to hand-held drill, this tool drills holes more precisely and conveniently. Besides this, it has a strong 6.2Amp induction motor that has deep ball bearings, making your work much easier. For consistent right angles, its worktable is capable of beveling 45 degrees on both right and left.
Moreover, this drill is strong and sturdy because its base and head table are built using cast iron. The base has predrilled holes that used in mounting it onto the bench. Also, the table has a slot for mounting vises and clamps.


• In build LED light
It has some in build 3 LED light bulbs with independent switch. This sheds light on your work piece, for safety purposes of your working in a dark place.
• Drilling depth adjustment system
This lets you drill holes at any precise depth. However, you need to set the two nuts that might hinder how the spindle moves.
• 5 speed design
To allow different speed application, this drill has a 5 speed design. So, the drill speed is adjustable, and runs from 610 to 2800rotations/ minute.
• Cross laser guide
This provides an exact prediction for drilling location. It guides the bit as it travels through with quality precision.
• Sturdy base
This drill features a base made of big cast iron, to offer sufficient stability as you drill machined surface that has holes and bolts for vise use.
• Beveling worktable
It has a cast iron worktable that is capable of tilting from 0 to 45 degrees on both right and left. Also, it features an adjustable table height that is regulated using an easy to use rack gear.

• It has a powerful motor that enables it drill various materials.
• Easy to assemble.
• Cheap price for desired quality.
• Reliable.

• Replacement parts are only offered by the manufacturer.
• LED bulbs are of one type.

3. ShopSeries RK7033 6.2-Amp 10″ Drill Press

This cordless table top drill press is good for repeated precise cutting in materials like metal, plastic, and wood. It has five functional speeds that range from 620 to 3100rpm. Besides this, it features a durable beveling work table made with cast iron. This table enhances precision and adaptability by tilting from zero to 45 degrees right and left.
Further, it has a ½ inch drill chuck that makes it suitable for use of metal and woodworking drill bits, and sanding drums with a maximum of ½ inch shank. Finally, this drill has a keyed safety switch that prevents you from the occurrence of accidents, as well as enhancing your security. Comes with a 2-year warranty that protects it from workmanship and material defects.


• Strong drill press
This tool has a strong 6.2amp drill press that is fit for repetitive precision cutting in various materials like metal, plastic, and wood.
• Strong and durable worktable
A strong and durable worktable that is made of cast iron is featured on this drill. Too, this table enhances adaptability and precision by tilting from up to 45 degrees both left and right.
• ½ inch drill chuck
The design of this tool has a ½ inch drill chuck that lets the drill to be used for woodworking and metal drill. Also, it allows sanding drums with a total of ½ inch shank.
• Variable speed
Five functional speeds are featured on this drill. The speed ranges from 620 to 1300rpm. So, you have the freedom to easily dial the right speed based on the materials you are working on.
• LED light
The LED light featured in this drill enhances visibility when you are working in areas that are dark. Further, it has a battery capacity indicator which displays the charge that is available at all times.

• Well design and built.
• A great machine that offers great value.
• Works smoothly and quietly.
• Its assemblage is easier.

• Small in size.
• It comes disassembled.

4. Genesis GDP1005A 10″ 5-Speed 4.1 Amp Drill Press with 5/8″ Chuck, with Integrated work light and Table that Rotates and Tilts

Are you working on bigger projects which requires adaptability and more power? This is your ideal drill press. Apart from having a powerful motor that offers sufficient power, it has a large 5/8-inch chuck for greater performance. Further, this drill press is designed with 5 speeds to enable it handle different materials.
In addition, you can use it in darker workplaces because it has light which enhances visibility and convenience. As the name indicates, Genesis is the manufacturer of this tool. All their tools come with a 2-year warranty which is ideal for testing the tool.



• Powerful induction motor
A 4.1-amp induction motor is featured on this drill to provide quiet and smooth performance. So, apart from the motor producing sufficient power to drill various materials, it does not produce irritating noises.
• 5 speed gear box
The gear box comprises of 5 speeds to enable the tool handle various materials. And, an easily accessible pulley housing which makes easier to change speeds. Thus, you can easily change the speed based on the material.
• Integrated work light
This light illuminates the work table, thus enhancing visibility and convenience. Therefore, it is possible to work in a workplace that is not well lit.
• 5/8-inch chuck
This large chuck allows the drill press to handle lager bits.
• Rotating work table
Apart from the work table tilting from 0-45degress, it rotates 360 degrees. Also, it’s connected with an easier to use rack and pinion that enables you to adjust the height of the table.

• Has a good size.
• Operates smoothly.
• The setup is easier.
• It’s easier to use even for beginners.
• Affordable price for the great value.

• The integrated light is not that bright as expected.

5. General International 75-010 M1 Bench-Top Drill Press, 12″, Green

If you are looking for quality and improved performance in a drill press, this drill press is your perfect option. It is equipped with a dual depth stop that is easier to adjust. Thus, it gives you total control of upstroke travel and down stroke depth.
Also, it operates smoothly without vibrations because its fit with high-quality bearings. Moreover, this drill press has a sturdy design that comprises of a cast-iron table, base, and head. Basically, it is a durable and dependable tool to use.



• High-quality bearings
These bearings ensure the operation of this tool is smooth and free from vibration.
• Sturdy design
This drill press is well designed for its use. The sturdy design comprises of a worktable, base, and cast-iron head. As a result, this tool is stable and effective for drilling various materials.
• Adjustable dual depth stop
The dual depth stop is easier to operate and adjust. Also, it’s of great importance because it gives you the ability to completely control the down stroke, as well as the upstroke travel.
• Variable speed
The speed varies from 500 to 3000rpm, and its controlled using a simple hand lever control. Besides this, you can have a view of the speed through the digital spindle speed display.
• 5/8-inch chuck
The large chuck handles larger bits. Too, the chuck is fitted with a key and a comfortable onboard key holder. In addition, there is an easier to use see-through flip-up guard that protects it.

• Operates greatly.
• Has a sturdy design.
• Quality build and durable
• It is expensive

6. WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 is a powerful, adaptable, and compact drill press. Although this tool is small, it is strong enough to drilling plastics, wood, and metal among other materials. Besides, this tool delivers convenient and precise work where accurate and repeated holes are needed.
Furthermore, its small size makes it portable and ideal for use in workshops. It is made with a strong frame that comprises of cast-iron base, table, and head that ensures accurate holes. The base has predrilled holes that enables you to easily mount the tool on a bench.




• Beveling worktable
The worktable tilts 45 degrees on both left and right to enable you make precise angled holes when working on projects that require consistent perfect angles. Besides this, it has some slots that lets you clamp vises and clamps.
• Depth adjustment gauge
This feature allows you to control the spindle travel to a defined distance by setting bolts on the gauge. As a result, you get accurate and repetitive drilling.
• Cast iron base
The base is firm, thus preventing movement and wobbling of the tool when in operation. It has some bolt holes for mounting the drill to a table top.
• ½ inch keyed chuck
A JT33 chuck is feature on this drill press to accept drill bits with a max of ½ inch in size, thus meeting the requirements of various projects.

• Easier assemblage.
• Functions perfectly.
• Highly portable
• Sturdy design.
• It is small in size, making it unfit for taller people.

Final Thought

Apart from considering all the factors listed above, you should consider the cost against quality when choosing the best benchtop drill press. Nonetheless, your drill press should meet the needs of your project, easier to use and maintain.

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