Best 8 Inch Drill Press Review

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An 8 inch drill press is a necessary workshop machine which can be made use of for various tasks. It is not just used for drilling, it can be added to a mortising attachment which can be used for drilling square shaped holes and also be made use of as a spindle sander. Additionally, your woodworking projects will simply not remain dormant with this tool.

Whenever your woodworking projects call for any holes to be drilled right into pieces of materials, you can use any cordless drill or even hand-operated drills.


Reasons Why You Need an 8 inch drill press

One reason why these units are great for your workshop is functionality. They can not just drill holes at perfect angles, but you can also use them to make holes in wooden pieces which may be unbalanced like the legs of furniture, etc. Without doubt, this drill press is a vital unit for any woodworker’s workshop.

Accuracy is a really important reason why professionals make use of 8 inch drill presses. Actually you can make holes you want in your wood with the use of hand-held drills, but you simply cannot be able to make ideal twin holes. The drill press enables you to be able to set your precise width, depth and angle which you require in each hole so you can just make a host of similar holes at various angles in a matter of seconds without worrying about how deep they should be. Once you have understood the controls of your press, then you shall be able to use it for lots of projects.

Power of your press:
The motor of your press can take up very large drill bits, so you can be able to make holes that you couldn’t otherwise drill. The power from the motor of this 8 inch drill press get your projects done not just precisely but quickly too.  In addition, a drill press gives you some benefit because when you set up your bit, you can be able to control its spindle plus chuck with the use of a lever and drill the holes that you need smoothly. The number of projects that you are able to complete every day will increase even as you put in less strength ans concentration into making each of the holes and this lets you increase efficiency.

You will realize that you do not need to put in the kind of effort like you normally would with a hand drill. With the 8-inch drill press, you will be able to recreate all kinds of holes and you will do it faster than you have ever done it before.  Also, they are powered by larger motors than the hand-held drills. Their motors can rotate the bits faster, which gives you quicker drilling. It is safer because you don’t need the same caution you use with hand drills. All you need to do is push the drill down then get your perfect holes every time. They are automatic machines so they do most of the work by themselves. The settings on the drill let you set the angle and depth of every hole which you want to drill.

Security and safety:
These are really important when you are working in an environment that is full of heavy tools that can cause injury. You can also make use of clamps to hold the item you are working with on the table top and by doing so, you will reduce the chances of anything going wrong. With the 8 inch drill press, you can control the speed of its tip and you get full command of your operation which lowers any chances of its tip breaking. Keep on going through this piece for necessary safety tips when handling a drill press.


How to care for your drill press and ensure its durability

You should lubricate the moving parts of the 8 inch drill press. You can use your producer’s guidelines for accurate lubrication and cleaning up after usage during operation. Clean the T-slots, the grooves and remove dirt that can be found in the belts and the pulleys.

You can then coat any parts that are unpainted lightly with your chosen oil to stop rust and use it carefully despite it being automatic, not manual. You can take out any chips to stop damage to the moving parts of the drill. Wipe down every spindles & sleeves to eliminate grit and avoid spoiling its precision fit.

If you use your drill in any dusty place, it actually requires special attention. You can operate your drill at slow speeds to stop fast abrasive wear on the moving parts. When you are operating your 8 inch drill press under extremely cold weather, you can start it from a slow speed to warm up the oil before you increase the speeds. As you may already be aware of, metal can be brittle in seriously cold weather so do not hit your drill unnecessarily with any strong tool.

Below are ideal safety procedures that you can follow whenever you are operating a drill press:

  • Keep your loose clothing far from turning tools. Ensure that your cutting tools are operating well before you begin or they can slow you down or even cause injury.
  • Do not place any equipment or tools on your drilling table. Ensure that every guard is in place when operating which gives you included safety when you begin operations.
  • Do not support your pieces by hand. You can make use of a holding device to avoid the item from being torn from your hand by the 8 inch drill press.
  • Do not make adjustments whilst the machine is being used to drill. Use a brush to clean away chips, not your hand as it can get injured.
  • Take away every wrench or chuck key before operating and always put on eye protection when operating a drill press to protect your vision.
  • Ease up a bit on the feed while the drill moves through the item to prevent any damaged tools or workpieces and incur extra costs to replace them.

Now that you have a lot of knowledge about drill presses, you can check out the top 8 inch drill presses below.


WEN 4208 8 in. Drill Press

This drill has an eight inch swing with five speeds. It is compact but has enough to drill properly through plastic, metal, wood as well as other materials. I observed that the total drill capacity is half inch in one inch thick cast iron. If you require any precise and repeatable holes, this drill is more than capable of carrying out  the project faster and easier than a mere hand held drill. It is not so big that it consumes space in your shop which makes it ideal and it is also portable so you can transport it to where you need it. It is made with a strong frame that consists of a base, head and table made from cast iron which ensures accurate holes.


  • It has a functional induction motor with ball bearings that prolongs its life. It combines to give you smooth performance that is balanced at high speeds.
  • It has a half inch chuck plus a JT33 spindle taper that grants you versatility with different bits.
  • It has a worktable that bevels forty-five degrees left & right for operations that are tricky and require the right angles consistently.
  • The base of the drill has pre-drilled holes that you can use to mount it onto your bench or your work stand.
  • This 8 inch drill press has a slotted table which lets you mount clamps as well as vises for your efficient job holding.


  • There is some flex between its post and the drill head but it did not hinder operation in any way as it was not important enough to cause any drill deflection even when you are using it at minimum chuck and maximum throw.


Genesis GDP805P 8 Drill Press

It has an efficient 2.6 amp motor that delivers enough power & performance with the aid of its five speed gearbox. I found that the half inch chuck is able to take bigger bits and its table can tilt forty-five degrees to carry out your project requirements. It has a power switch that is easy to access with a lock out feature. It also has easily accessible pulleys which are used to change your speed range to five different speeds. It is small enough to give you extra space on the workbench. It has a two year warranty that gives you peace of mind. This eight inch press is a great addition to your garage or workshop.


  • It has a 2.6 amp induction motor that gives you a silent and smooth performance which is convenient for long lasting use with accurate outcomes.
  • This 8 inch drill press has five speeds for extra versatility and easy to access pulley housing that allows you to change your speed ranges which gives you the freedom to slow down or pick up, depending on the kind of material you are drilling or the kind of operation you are carrying out.
  • This drill can rip to the middle of an eight inch material. It has a half inch chuck that is able to handle big bits. It is great for projects which need a big bit but not necessarily a bigger press.
  • The table can tilts zero to forty-five degrees. This drill press is versatile and has a tiny footprint that makes it an ideal choice for workshops and garages as it gives you extra space to keep other tools that you use for your job.


  • This drill is quite heavy so you may need assistance to assemble it.


Ainfox 8-Inch Drill Press

This small but mighty 8 inch drill press is a great choice to make use of whether you are in your house or in a job site. It has the strength to rip properly through metal, wood plus many other materials easily and it has five speeds that can carry your job out with ease. Its strong cast iron engineering guarantees you the reliability, as well as stability whenever you use it for an application. I noticed that it has a really smooth and properly balanced operation at any speed. Its laser guide actually makes your work quick and precise and this enormously upgrades your efficiency. It also prevents any waste of materials.


  • This drill press has a half inch keyed chuck and the five speeds can meet up with the demand of drilling consisty holes through plastic, wood, metal as well as other materials.
  • It has a 6.3 inch x 6.3 inch cast iron work table which is tiltable and can bevel from zero to forty-five degrees to make sure you get flexible but precise angled drilling.
  • This 8 inch drill press has an adjustable depth stop which helps with precise measurements plus repetitive drilling.
  • The motor is 120 voltage-60Hz and 350 watts. It weighs 30.9 Lbs and the no-load speed is 1450 rpm.
  • The total drilling depth is 1.97 inches. The base size is 12.36 inches x 7.87 inches. The column diameter is 1.81 inches.
  • The distance of the spindle and column is 4.09 inches. The distance of the spindle table is 7.87 inches. The distance of the spindle and base id 11.42 inches. The total height is 22.83 inches.


  • The laser of the drill actually just lines straight up with your bit at just one position of its adjustable field. It’s a no go, upwards or downwards.

If your concern is precision or if you want to drill large-diameter holes, you really should use a drill press. These 8 inch drill presses have a much more durable motor than other hand-operated drills, and their quills and chucks are usually aligned with the drill press table with adjustable height, therefore making sure that the holes are vertically arranged when you are drilling.

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