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The 12-inch drill press is a stationary version of the hand drill you may be used to place on top of a worktable. The hole in the middle of this kind of table lets your drill bit pass really smoothly through your work item. You can get it as a benchtop unit or a freestanding floor kind. In your home garage, a benchtop kind of drill will carry out all the tasks that you request of it.

These drill presses have notable merits over your handheld drill and the major one is accuracy. Its construction means that it is able to drill at accurate angles to your work item which is usually ninety degrees. It can drill holes of the same size, depth and even position for as long as you want.

Just like your jigsaw, its flexibility is determined by its throat size, the distance of the column supporting at the rear plus the axis where the spindle turns. 12-inch drill presses can have throats of 7 1/2 inches which is really common. Sure kinds of drills are called fifteen-inch units since they can cut right to the middle of a work item that is fifteen inches. The depth of the cut made is usually determined by the hit length of course, but it is also determined by the column length too.

Benchtop models from their name are shorter than the freestanding drills. Both the benchtop plus the freestanding units have sturdy bases made from cast iron that you can bolt in place if you want. The worktable that it possesses is able to slide up or down along its column. But when you compare them to their free-standing units, the travel you get is much bigger. Some units are even engineered so that their work tables can tilt for you to drill angled holes.

Benchtop units which are another name for the bench drills, usually have electric motors which power them and are mounted at the rear of their columns. They are able to spin your 12-inch drill presses themselves and they drive it with an array of belts & pulleys or even gear wheels, it just depends on the specific unit. The chuck is found at the lower end of your spindle and here, the bits are put in and tightened, as you do with a hand drill. The spindle then slides in the interior and exterior of your drill head in the quill which is shaped like a cylinder. The lever mechanism which is hand powered drives right down the drill right as it is spinning then a spring takes it up whenever you release the pressure on its lever.

The throw of the 12-inch drill press can be adjusted. It all depends on where you set your depth stop. For instance, when you are countersinking your screws, setting your depth stop actually makes your work quicker and precise. Horsepower ratings are usually different and it all depends on the size of the drill press. They can start as small as one-sixth HP to two HP or even more which can be found on the larger drill presses.

What other things can a twelve-inch drill press do?

These presses can be used to drill at any particular angle:
The 12 inch drill presses have adjustable tables that can hold the item on which you are drilling. Some of them have tables whose heights can be adjusted even at variable angles. Simply clamp the item on your table then tilt it to the angle you want, then you can drill that angular hole you require.

They can make wider holes:
The motor of these drills are usually more effective than those of handheld drills so you can use even less energy to drill. The head of the drill is able to be fitted with drill bits that are wider and help you in making wider holes with accuracy in the given item.

They can carry out variable depth operations:
These 12 inch drill presses usually have a depth stop that you are able to pre-set to stop the hole from going beyond that specific point. If many of such holes are needed in your job, it is faster to imitate the process with your drill when compared to others.

Cutting threads right into the interior of an already made hole is usually called tapping. Making sure that tapping is done properly is pertinent because the tiniest of undulations can make the material that is screwed in the bolt to get crooked or damaged. When you perform tapping with a drill press however, it makes sure that your work is straight and this makes it a safer and gives it added reliability than the hand held drill.

Let’s check out the best 12 inch drill presses below


1. Palmgren 12″ drill press

This is a heavy duty, twelve inch, drill press which is designed and made for drilling different kinds of materials. It has the weight as well as rigidity just to maintain the on board tight tolerances which is needed for metalworking operations. I like the oversized, drill heads as well as the well spaced bearing surfaces which give you enough quill support evenly throughout the travel. It has a bigger range of application speeds which you can use to drill not just large but small holes too.


  • This 12 inch drill press has an LED readout for the spindle speed as well as quill travel. It has a rack & pinion table and a ground t-slotted table plus a coolant trough.
  • The table can tilt forty-five degrees both right & left. It can rotate 360 degrees about its column. It has a fast change depth stop which gives you precise and repeatable feed length.
  • It has three spoke quill metal feed handles that have ergonomic rubber grips. It also has a lockable front mounted power switch which is paddle type and can forestall any unauthorized use.
  • It has a chuck plus safety eject key. It also has an arbor and a 2 year warranty.


  • Some parts of the 12 inch drill press may be a little stiff to operate with but it wears off with time.


2. WEN 4214 12-Inch Drill Press

This drill has a lot of features which you will normally find in industrial like presses which are larger in size. This bench-top drill press that is made from cast iron has the strength to drill right through wood, metal as well as other materials. I found that its drill capacity is ⅝ inches in one inch thick cast iron. Its variable speed setting lets you pick speeds 580-3200 RPM – whichever one that works for your job. All you need to do is adjust the speed to your taste with the lever while you are working.


  • This 12 inch drill press doesn’t have any pulleys or belts that you need to change. This design makes use of mechanical variable speed that lets you use the exact power plus torque throughout the total speed range.
  • It has a digital readout that is powered by LEDs. It displays your running speed. It is made with a strong frame that consists of a cast iron base, head and table which ensures accurate holes.
  • It has a strong induction motor with ball bearings that gives it a prolonged life. Everything combines to give you smooth as well as balanced application at high speeds.
  • It has a ⅝ inch chuck plus an MT2 spindle taper that grants you the ability to make use of different bits. It has an inbuilt chuck key storage which is very useful as it ensures that you never misplace it.
  • The worktable is able to bevel forty-five degrees both left & right for difficult operations and gives you the right angles everytime. The bottom comes with pre drilled holes that you can use for mounting it onto your bench or even your work stand.
  • This 12 inch drill press has a slotted table that lets you mount clamps & vises too for efficient mounting. Its X-pattern laser is able to lock on to the drill points which then saves you from guessing and wasting expensive materials.
  • This is a tool that is ideal for different shops and it allows you to increase its range by adding accessories like circle cutters, mortising attachments and drum sanders.


  • It doesn’t have a spindle lock so you can make do with this forgotten element or add it later.


3. Craftsman Drill Press

You can now take your projects to another level with this drill. Drilling holes in wood, steel, plastic, and aluminum and has never been as easy as it is now with this Craftsman drill. I took notice of its smooth turning even at really high speeds and elevated torque spindle settings. It moves smoothly from job to job assisting you in getting more work done with laser accuracy on every project.

It doesn’t matter if you are cutting wood or making slots for any mortise-&-tenon frame. It doesn’t even matter if you are twisting out any metal shavings while still drilling bolt holes. If you want to give your wooden object a smooth finish with the use of a sanding drum, with this 12 inch drill press, you will always get accurate operation.


  • It is great as a bench top or even a temporary project accessory and was made for consistently sharp results.
  • Constructed with a strong frame and also positioned on a rigid steel post, this twelve inch drill makes use of a half horsepower motor to spin between 355 to 3065 RPM.
  • This drill can move through metal then rip properly through any kind of wood with not just speed but accuracy too.
  • This 12 inch drill press has quick swapping depth adjustment plus X & Y axis exact positioning. It gives you the finesse which accurate machining requires.
  • This is a great inclusion to your bench as it is not just adjustable, it is adaptable and also durable.


  • This drill requires some assembly and you will definitely need at least a person or two to assist in assembling it.


4. General International Drill Press

This drill has a line interrupter forced opening switch that requires the machine to restart if there’s a case of circuit interruption or power failure or. It has a spindle tension adjustable return spring as well as an in built laser pointer which is what I like about it. It has a strong construction with table, head and base, made from cast iron. It has effective bearings that give you some and vibration free application.

The simple hand lever is able to control its mechanical variable speed down from 500 up to 3000 rpm. It has a spindle speed with digital display, a 1/3 HP heavy duty 120 voltage motor. It comes with a dual depth stop that is easy to adjust and gives you total control of the upstroke travel as well as the down stroke depth.


  • This 12 inch drill press has a ⅝ inch chuck plus key and a chuck key holder on board. It also has a see-through, flip up, easy to use chuck guard. It has a crank operated rack plus pinion table with height adjustment.
  • The line interrupter forced opening switch can restart your machine in any case of circuit interruption or power failure.
  • It has a spindle tension adjustable return spring and an inbuilt laser pointer.
  • It has a strong design and the table, head and base are made of cast iron.
    It has efficient bearings for correct applications.


  • It works really well but after some years of usage, it can begin to get rather loud.


When you drill a hole, you may notice that in the place where your drill bit enters through, the item stays smoother than the exit surface which becomes a little chipped. This issue can be reduced and removed when you use the deburring tool attachment that comes with your 12 inch drill press.


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