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A 10 inch drill press has many important features plus merits apart from being the right size you are seeking. The multiple spindle speeds can be found in the spindle which its chuck is fitted to and if you are a carpenter, woodworker or hobbyist, you must know the importance of speed variance. It is not simply a must have drill, but it assists you in saving money to buy one with different speeds instead of wasting money by getting a drill press with just a single speed.

Armed with this knowledge, let’s check out the 10 inch drill presses out there.

Best 10 Inch Drill Press Review


Palmgren 10” drill press

This drill press has a base, head, column collar and worktable all made from cast iron. The height of the work table can be adjusted using a rack & pinion. The table is able to be tilted forty-five degrees both right & left. I like the  fact that the surface of the work table is precise and possesses slots for safe and accurate mounting of your work item.

The laser attachment of this 10 inch drill press is battery powered and gives you a beam that assists you in accurately positioning your drill bit. Other settings include a ball bearing (enclosed) quill assembly, a fast belt change as well as tension mechanism, pan efficient fast adjust feed stop plus a ⅓ horsepower, 1725 RPM motor. It has a half inch keyed chuck plus 5 spindle speeds that range right from 620 – 3100 RPM which you can use to drill wood, steel, plastic, cast iron and aluminum.


  • This versatile drill press for general purposes can pivot, give you multiple angles, and allow you to multi-position the drill head so you can drill at right about any angle.
  • The head can drill to the middle of a 33 inch circle. It can also be used on many materials. It has a sturdy cast iron base, head and table which keep your work item steady while you are drilling.
  • The spindle of this drill is supported by efficient ball bearings. The drill head can swivel 360 degrees right around its column, tilt ninety degrees left & forty-five degrees right. It graduates in five degree increments plus a stop at zero degrees.
  • This 10 inch drill press has a rack & pinion raiser for the table. The slotted table can rotate 360 degrees right around its column. The on/off switch is front mounted. It has a drill chuck and key.


  • There is no operation or assembly manual so you’d have to make do with experience.
  • Its chuck key has a spring tip used to ensure that you don’t forget it in the chuck. If you do not like it, you can replace it.


WEN 4210 Laser Drill Press

This 10 inch drill press along with a laser centering device is a must-have for your workshop. Not only is it a powerhouse for the garage, it comes loaded with great settings that you will normally find in bigger, more industrial kinds of drill presses which is what I like about it. With this drill, you can drill through plastic, metal, wood as we as other materials in a matter of seconds.

You can switch from five speeds to pick the exact RPM that is right for your work. It has a strong frame construction that is made of cast iron which gives you not just sturdiness but reliability also. Its effective induction motor has ball bearings for long lasting use and its features combine together just to give you smooth and well balanced operation at any speed.


  • This 10 inch drill press has a half inch chuck plus a JT33 spindle taper that grants you versatility with different kinds of bits.
  • The worktable can bevel forty-five degrees left & right for any tricky operations and still give you the correct angles consistently.
  • The base of the drill has pre drilled holes that you can mount on a bench or your work stand, whichever one you prefer.
  • It has a class II X pattern 1mW laser that can lock on to the drill points, saving you guesswork plus expensive materials.
  • This is a versatile tool that allows you to expand its already wide range of use by adding optional accessories like a mortising attachment, circle cutters and drum sanders.


  • The rack & pinion table of this 10 inch drill press can be quite clunky because if you turn its handle, the table will then move about one inch or two from side to side. Though it is quite easy to use and it makes it very fast for you to move up & down, it could have been more accurate.
  • The laser is handy but it can take some time to make it useful and precise because it is not so out of the box. It could be about ⅛ inches right above its exact contact point.


Ryobi DP103L Green 10 in. Drill Press

The five speed choices of this drill press helps you to get your work done with its wide range of drilling operations. It is powered by an efficient induction motor that gives you long lasting performance. I observed that this drill press can swivel 360-degrees.

It can accept mortising attachments which gives you added versatility and it has a laser alignment feature that gives you great precision. The storage compartment of this 10 inch drill press can hold your chuck keys for quick accessibility. It has a durable motor for efficient performance. It has five speed selections for different drilling operations.


  • It has locking depth stop that is used for repetitive applications, a chuck key storage that helps with easy organization and an accurate laser alignment feature for precision.
  • It has an included work light for illuminated use that reduces shadows and is bright enough to reveal every part of your work item. It also has a 60 degree swivel that increases versatility.
  • It has a six feet cord that can accommodate a lot of applications. The rack & pinion table has an adjustable height to help you with different applications.
  • It can take mortising attachments for extra versatility. The quill travel is two inches and the chuck capacity is half inch. The speed is 570 to 2,800 RPM and the motor is 3A, 120 volts and 60Hz.
  • The table of this 10 inch drill press can tilt zero to forty-five degrees. The package has a chuck key, drill press, hex wrench, two AA batteries and an operator’s manual which all give you the convenience you need for a smooth operation.


  • The laser light can be a little way off the center though fixed into position. You will have to tighten almost all the bolts and after that, there are no more adjustments to be made.


WEN 4212 10-Inch Drill Press

This is a really powerful 10-inch swing drill press with variable speeds and a laser centering tool. It is a great addition to your workshop. I found that it possesses the kind of features that you normally find in bigger and more industrial kind of drill presses. It has the strength to drill past metal, wood as well as a host of other materials.

The variable speed setting of this 10 inch drill press allows you to target the speed from 530-3100 which will work for your job. All you need to do is move the lever and adjust your speed when you need to. You do not have any belts or pulleys to change before you carry out your work with laser accuracy.


  • This drill makes use of mechanical variable speed that lets you use the exact same power plus torque throughout your entire speed range.
  • It has a digital readout that displays your running speed so you can access it anytime you want. It is made with a strong frame from cast iron that holds everything securely, giving you peace of mind while you drill.
  • It has a superb motor with ball bearings for a long lasting use which comes together to give you smooth performance which is balanced at high speeds.
  • The half inch chuck plus its JT33 spindle taper grants you versatility with different bits and features. You get chuck key storage on board which means that you do not have to look around for it when you need it.
  • The worktable is able to bevel forty-five degrees both left & right for difficult operations so as to efficiently drill the right angles consistently. The base possesses pre drilled holes which you can use to mount on your bench or your work stand.
  • The slotted table of this 10 inch drill press allows you to mount clamps & vises for efficient mounting. It has an X-pattern laser that locks right on to the drill points which saves you from guesswork and wasting expensive materials.


  • You will need to put a little amount of grease right on its top shaft so that it will swivel smoothly.


SKIL 3320-01 10-Inch Press

This quality ten inch drill press has a 3.2 amp motor that is strong enough to take on any job you throw at it and a Laser X2 double beam laser feature. I fancy the depth adjustment feature and easy to change variable speed of 570-3,050 RPM. This 10 inch drill press has a tiltable 0-45 degrees right & left tilting work surface, a durable base plus work table both made from cast iron and two AA Batteries as well as a chuck key.


  • It has a half inch keyed chuck and a bump-off switch which increases safety.
  • It has five speeds from 570 – 3,050 RPM plus an adjustable depth stop which enables you to carry out accurate measurements as well as repetitive drilling.
  • It has a zero to forty-five degree, right and left tiltable work surface
  • It has a two beam X2 laser for accurate hole alignment which ensures that you do not make any costly mistakes either to yourself or the drill bit when you are working on an item.


  • This 10 inch drill press does not have any mechanism like a lever that you can use to apply some tension to its drive belt. To remedy the issue, simply loosen its double wing nuts then push on its motor to tension and tighten its wing nuts.


ShopSeries 10″ Drill Press

This drill press has a 6.2-amp motor which makes it great for repetitive cutting in any materials like metal, wood and plastic. I noticed that it has 5 operating speeds that range from 620 – 3100 rpm. It has a strong cast iron table that can bevel up to about 45 degrees both left & right which can improve not just flexibility but accuracy too.

It was made with a half inch drill chuck and lets you use woodworking plus metal drill bits and sanding drums that have a half inch shank. The safety switch is keyed and stops any accidental starting. It also provides upgraded operator security.


  • This 10 inch drill press has a 2 year limited warranty which protects it against any defects both in materials plus workmanship.
  • It was made for performance & value and brings superior construction and engineering that is designed to last.
  • It is reliable, easy to use, accurate and innovative enough to help you in finishing your work with not just speed but quality.
  • From DIY-ers up to homeowners, this tool will get your project done right.
  • This is a 6.2-amp press perfect for continuous accurate cutting in different materials like metal, wood and plastic.


  • It is easy to asssemble the drill press but the directions may not be helpful.


If you work with different kinds of materials, then it is important that you get a 10 inch drill press. For instance, metals usually need a lower speed unlike wood so if you have this drill press you can just easily adjust the speed then continue with your drilling without any issues.

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